How to Combat Hair Odour

We have all had days when our hair smell like a sheepskin. Sometimes even after a good hair wash, you cannot get rid of the odour in your hair. An embarrassment we would never want you to face again. Good scented hair is the way to allure the senses when going for date, luncheon or party. Hair is that feature of your body that makes you not only look attractive but leaves you feeling confident and beautiful. Follow these simple steps to get rid of hair odour without having to spend extravagantly on treatments or expensive shampoo’s.

How to Combat Hair Odour

Commonly found reasons, why you have hair odour:

1. Bacteria:

Sweat contains bacteria, that breeds not only on the skin but also on the scalp. Sweat glands, eccrine and apocrine secrete fluids. They secrete their matter directly to the peripheral of the body, rather than the bloodstream. Apocrine sweat glands on the other hand, sweat out  in areas where you have follicles, like scalp. Apocrine glands penetrate deep in to the skin and  secrete fatty sweat that causes bad hair odour.

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2. Fungus:

It is one of the main causes of hair odour. Fungal infections and  several other medical disorders, also can lead to fungus. When prone to fungus, your hair becomes smelly and unattractive. Commonly found fungus, Tinea capitis often known as ringworm in addition to hair odour also causes dandruff, bald areas, scabs or pus-filled bumps on the scalp and an itchy scalp.

3. Diet:

Like they say, what you eat is how you look. Similarly, your diet defines how you smell. If you eat food with strong odour such as onion, garlic, cumin, etc., these foods contain oils that make you sweat and in turn excretes hair odour. Also, if you drink a lot of beverages, you are increasing your tendency to sweat even more.

How to Combat Hair Odour

While we have learnt what causes bad hair odour in first place, let’s look at ways on how to combat hair odour.

1. Regular wash:

You need to wash your hair thrice a week if your hair are continuously exposed to dust and pollution. Washing your hair regularly will keep them bacteria and fungus free emitting a clean look, smelling  fresh making them look attractive. This is something you already know but what you may not know is that avoid using scented shampoo and make sure you wash your hair regularly to keep them off bacteria and fungus that cause bad hair odour.

2. Lemon:

Lemon gives your hair a very fresh smell as well its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties will relieve your hair of the bacteria and fungus that breathes on it.  You need to squirt some drops of fresh lemon and massage it gently on your scalp. Leave it on for half an hour and rinse it off. You can even use it to rinse your hair every time you shampoo.

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3. Medicated Shampoo:

Visit your doctor and get him to advice you a good medicated shampoo in addition to any treatments that is needed for the bad hair odour caused due to medical disorders. A good medicated shampoo comes up with sulphur and salicylic acid and it fights well against fungus as its preloaded with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Salicylic acid will also free your hair and scalp of toxins that cause acne.

4. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are nothing less than a  miracle product for the hair. Tomato juice is one of the best ways to remove hair odour. Yes, the same tomatoes you use for cooking are a natural curer for bad hair odour.All you need to do is to pat some tomato juice on your scalp and hair, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water properly. You can also massage your hair directly with this juice but don’t forget to wash it properly so that you don’t smell like a tomato.

Make sure you keep your hair clean at all times. Clean hair will ensure you don’t emit bad hair odour. Here are some easy tips to keep your hair clean easily.

• Wash your hair thrice a week or every alternate day, if you travel frequently or are exposed to dust regularly.
• Rinse off your scalp well and make sure you remove any leftover shampoo.
• Dry your hair properly with a clean towel and comb.
• Clean your scalp with fingertips and maintain hair hygiene. Make sure you clean your brushes and combs daily.

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