Coffee and Acne: Unlock the Link Between the Two

‘Coffee’ is the one delightful drink that you cannot really live a day without, right? Oh! Then you might be inviting acne and annoying zits yourself. Puzzled? But several studies have already proved that the compounds present in the complex chemical soup coffee can worsen your pimples and give you even new breakouts. Well, let me explain how coffee and acne are related and why sipping your favorite cup of cappuccino can turn out to be the worst beauty blunder for you:

Coffee and Acne: Unlock the Link Between the Two

1. Causes Hyperadrenalism

Frequent consumption of coffee amplifies the secretion of adrenal glands, thereby causing hyperadrenalism. It stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and releases too much ‘stressors’ like epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol, etc. As a result, our body starts reacting to each and every stressful event, whether it is minor or major. It eventually leads to oversecretion of insulin hormone and gives us severe breakouts.

2. Slows Down Immune System

As said previously, coffee boosts the secretion of stress hormone called ‘cortisol’ in our body. It takes a toll on our immunity and makes us more prone to the attacks of acne-causing bacteria i.e. P. acnes. Therefore, we develop bacterial infection, ugly breakouts, redness, inflammation, swelling, and so on.

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3. Affects Glucose Metabolism

Regular intake of coffee makes our body highly resistant to insulin. It interrupts the normal metabolism of carbohydrates and results into systemic elevated blood sugar levels. Due to this, our skin starts to secret excessive oil or sebum, which promotes acne as well as other related symptoms like irritation and redness.

Coffee and Acne: Unlock the Link Between the Two

4. Full of Milk and Sugar

Do you really like a cup of coffee without milk and sugar? Certainly not. Isn’t it? But this practice can worsen your acne to a large extent. The sweet milky concoction is known to cause sudden spikes of sugar in our bloodstream. It boosts the production of the growth hormone IGF-1 in our body, which is also considered as a trigger for acne.

5. Enhances Sugar Cravings

It is already said that too much consumption of coffee leads to oversecretion of stress hormones. This encourages your sugar cravings. You may also find yourself longing for junk or highly processed foods that are rich in salt, calories, etc. All these stimulate the formation of acne and make you look ugly.

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6. Hampers Mineral Absorption

Many of us like to drink coffee right after the meal. It can lead to acute mineral deficiency by messing up with the capacity of our body to absorb essential mineral compounds. As we lack iron, zinc, selenium, etc., our skin becomes more vulnerable to the acne-causing bacteria.

7. Causes Dysbiosis

Coffee is highly acidic in nature, which may sometimes disturb your gut flora and result into dysbiosis. It is basically a medical condition in which the number of bad bacteria goes up significantly within our intestine, thereby leading to nutrient deficiency, gastrointestinal disorders, low-level gut inflammation, etc. These are very bad for our skin and hence, we may end up developing ace too.

So, it is extremely important to switch to herbal or organic green tea from coffee in order to maintain an acne and blemish-free clear skin.

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