How to Choose the Right Makeup Artist for your Wedding

So the date for your big day is set and you are neck deep in shopping and finalizing your outfit. Another important aspect of your wedding day is your hair and makeup. It is not like any other day when you can slather on some make up by yourself since you will be standing and entertaining, smiling for hundreds of pictures and you don’t want to look anything less than perfect. The right makeup artist will help you get that look which will make you look gorgeous in the pictures. If you have not yet found a makeup artist yet, we tell you how to choose the right makeup artist for your wedding.

How to choose the right makeup artist for your wedding

Choose the Right Makeup Artist for your Wedding

1. Keep your eyes open for a looker of a bride

If at a wedding you come across a bride whose makeup looks eye catching, then irrespective of whether you are engaged or not, find out who her makeup artist is and get her number. Sooner or later, when you want a makeup artist for yourself, the number will come handy.

2. Bridal Magazines are another way

You can take a look at bridal magazines for information about makeup artists, samples of their work and the services that they offer.

3. Try to go by recommendations from friends than online search

Agreed, a google search for makeup artists in your area of the city is a good way to get lots of recommendations. But when it comes to wedding makeup artists, it is always better to get recommendations from married friends who have used the services of the artist. That way, you get first hand information of the experience, cost involved and the final result. Start asking around 4-5 months before the wedding date.

4. Contact for availability and quote

Once you have 4-5 makeup artists shortlisted, contact each of them via phone or email about their availability on your wedding date and for a quotation about the charges for their services. Ideally, you should do this 2-3 months prior to your wedding.

5. Traits to look for in a makeup artist

Once you have responses from the makeup artists, the next step is to go and personally meet with them. Sometimes, you strike an instant connect with a person and that is essential since the makeup artist is going to be with you through your big day. Ask them for samples of their work and go through them thoroughly to check if you like what you see. You are pretty much going to hire their services if you like their work. Find out about the brand of the makeup products used and the kinds of makeup. Find out if she will also do your hairstyle.

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In the first meeting, the makeup artist should be able to identify your skin type and tone, listen to your requirements, suggest the kind of products to use, suggest modifications in the look you desire if any and in all be able to go through all the aspects of your wedding day look during the conversation.

A good makeup artist should have an open and friendly manner of conversation, answering all your queries and giving you all the information you need. Get a trial done with the makeup artists you find worthy and see whose look you like the best.

6. Do you get your way?

During the trial, is the makeup artist trying to coax you to change your look to something that she thinks will be great or something that she has tried on another bride?  Are your requirements brushed off saying that it will be taken care of, without the makeup artist taking notes about them? If your requirements do not get the due attention, then it is better to not go with the makeup artist, since after all, the wedding is yours and the makeup should be like what you prefer.

7. Quality over money

After meeting prospective makeup artists and the trials, the final choice boils down to the budget. You may try to cut costs in a wedding, but a makeup artist should not be one where you skimp because at the end of the day, what you get is what you pay for. So even if the artist you clicked with is slightly pricey, go ahead and book her since you want to see a dazzling face when you look at your wedding pictures many more years from now.

8. Questions to ask

  • After finalizing the makeup artist, pay her another visit to pay the deposit and get further details like additional costs involved for transport or whether transportation to the venue needs to be arranged.
  • Ask about the number of assistants the artist will be bringing along.
  • How much time will be needed for makeup.
  • Will she also be able to do the makeup for other guests in the wedding party?

9. Wedding Day Looks Trial

This is the most important bit. Go through images of looks you like or want to experiment with along with the makeup artist. Evaluate which ones will suit you best by doing multiple trials. Normally, the quote includes the trials’ cost too. While trying different looks, when you have the perfect look, you will know that this is what you want for the wedding. After zeroing in on the look, the makeup products and the styles used are documented, a photograph of the trial makeup is taken for reference on the final day.

10. Be in touch

After your final trial, do not simply assume that the makeup artist will turn up for the wedding. Be in touch with her. If she also does threading, waxing and facials, then go to her to get your hair removal and other beauty procedures done so that you are naturally glowing before your wedding day and the makeup artist has a wonderful canvas to work her magic on.

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