How to Choose the Perfect Jewelry for Adorning Your Neck

Love to wear trendy neck jewelry? Wait! You might end up spoiling your entire look by choosing the wrong piece of necklace if you do not consider your neck type first. There are certain basic rules that should be followed during the selection of neckpieces. At the same time, you must compliment the shape of your neck by wearing the most suitable jewelry. Here is a brief guide for you:

General Rules for Choosing a Suitable Neck Jewelry

Length is the most important feature of neck jewelry. While picking a neckpiece for yourself, make sure that you consider your neck type and decide on the length of the jewelry accordingly.

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When it comes to an ideal neck jewelry, it is always recommended that you find one that sits right beyond your collarbone and give a ‘neither too tight nor so loose’ fit. Determine the length of your neck and add at least 2” to 4” to it for obtaining a perfect ornament.

For a simple chain that would lie anywhere between your throat and your collarbone, go for a neckpiece of standard size. Usually it ranges between 16 inches and 20 inches.

If you want a regular choker, the standard size of 16 inches is always the best pick. However, you have to find out the accurate measurement of your neck area in order to get a cozier fit.

Tips to Select the Right Jewelry for Your Neck

Well-Shaped Neck: A slim well-shaped neck can be adorned with almost all types of ornaments. Be it a minimalistic jewelry look with an elegant gold chain or a traditional appearance with heavy ethnic jewels, your slender neck will be to your advantage. Choker can enhance the beauty of your neck considerably. A simple pearl necklace can also make you look extremely graceful. However, you must avoid chunky necklaces with huge beads.

Well-Shaped Neck

Long Stretched Neck: If your neck is longer than usual, opt for jewelry that would help you hide your imperfection. A disproportioned neck can be made to look beautiful by wearing layered ornaments. A long folded beaded neckpiece will also do. Try those exclusive jewelry which come with multiple strings. It would cover up your highly prominent feature to some extent. But stay away from fashion jewels that are small and delicate.

Long Stretched Neck

Fat Heavy Neck: Huge neckpieces will suit you the most. You can always make your neck look stunning by wearing jewelry with large beads, resin, bone necklaces, and so on. The best thing about these ornaments is that they can give a bulky neck a slimmer appearance with their own enormity.

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Fat Heavy Neck

Short Wide Neck: Those who have short wide neck should drive the attention of people away from their defective neck shape by wearing long neck jewelry. Choker or other similar ornaments that offering snug fit around the neck are a strict ‘no-no’. Rather, long thin chains are also not recommended for you if your neck is stubby. The length of the chain can be up to your mid-chest or belly region. A large pendant will heighten your look to new dimension.

Short Wide Neck

Enrich your collection with a variety of necklaces. They should vary in length, design and style so that you can look gorgeous in all sorts of outfits at a variety of events.

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