Camphor – The Magic Ingredient to Add to Your Beauty

Camphor has long been used as a beauty ingredient. From treating skin problems to eliminating hair issues, the crystalline substance can add to our beauty in a number of ways. Want to know more about the beauty benefits of camphor? Here is a brief guide for you:


Reduces Skin Rashes and Itching

Camphor possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which help in treating skin rashes and reducing irritation caused by them. All you need to do is to dissolve some camphor in water and rub that on the rashes. It can give you relief from the irritation almost instantaneously. Doing the same daily for 2 to 3 weeks can make the rashes disappear completely.

Cures a Number of Skin Infections

Camphor can effectively be used for curing skin infections like acne, pimples, etc. Just apply camphor oil on the affected areas of the skin and massage with your fingertip gently. Being an antiseptic agent, it can treat the infections as well as heal the resulting scars naturally. In order to get best results, use the camphor oil at least twice a day.

Curbs the Problem of Hair Loss

If you are suffering from acute hair loss, camphor can turn out to be the best solution for you. The oil extracted from this natural remedy is capable of putting a stop to frequent hair fall, thereby treating even the most severe case of hair loss. Just massage your scalp with this oil regularly and you will get rid of the problem of hair fall very fast.

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Speeds Up the Growth of Hair

Apart from curbing hair loss problem, camphor can also boost the growth of our hair. It can give a permanent solution to those who are worried about their receding hairlines. Camphor oil is also claimed to be a great natural remedy for baldness. You can either prepare an oil blend with this effective oil or add it to your hair pack. In order to prepare an oil blend, choose a couple of other oils (coconut oil or essential oils) and mix them with camphor oil. Massaging your scalp with this mixture will make you stress-free and relax your brain. As a result, your scalp and hair fibers remain healthy and your hair grows fast. You can also prepare a hair pack by combining camphor oil with plain yogurt and egg. Application of this mask onto your hair at regular intervals can speed up hair growth significantly and make it lustrous.

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Heals Burn Scars and Fades the Marks Away

Scars caused due to burning can also be treated with camphor easily. Add some camphor to a small bowl of water and dissolve it properly. Now, rub the burn scars on your skin with this at least once a day. It not only heals the scars but also fades their marks away. Nonetheless, always let your scars dry a little prior to applying camphor. Or else, you might have to face extreme skin irritation.

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Smoothes Out Uneven and Cracked Heels

You can also take great care of your feet by using camphor solution. It can work on the cracked heels and smooth them out, thereby making them soft, even and beautiful. Just place your feet in the camphor solution for 5-7 minutes, exfoliate the dead skin layer with the help of a foot scrub, pat them dry and finally apply a good cold cream. The changes will be visible within a few days.

However, camphor is not suitable for all. It can lead to a number of side effects like allergies, vomiting, rashes, queasiness, etc. So, always perform a patch test before including it in your regular beauty routine.

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