C Section Scar Removal through Surgery

Having a baby is the most wonderful experience in a women’s life. Nine long months of wait and then the painful labor and at times by choice or otherwise you might have to opt for C section and what results from it is a C section deep scar. C- Section deliveries are now becoming more and common with more moms opting for it to escape the labor.

C Section Scar Removal through Surgery

We have a lot of celebrity moms too who have done this without second thoughts. Some of them are Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, and Molly Sims. The appearance of the post C section scar is the difficult part that is left to deal with. A C section scar can be removed effectively with a help of a surgery- C section scar revision surgery.

Generally post C section women are left with fine scar but some of them are left with a scar that appears indented to be with loose skin hanging above it or at times along the sides if the cut is vertical. The reason for this being, the scar having the tendency to cling to the deep tissues under it that gives it a retracted appearance. The loose skin and the scar is a cause of major depression in many women. They tend to lose their self-confidence.

Who are the best candidates for C section scar revision surgery?

Patients who are slim with localized issue with a scar as well as lower abdominal contour are a good candidate for C section scar revision surgery. If there is a tethering of the skin to the deeper tissues, it can be improved and special suture techniques along with dressing should result in a fine scar. In case of a significant fat or muscle laxity, then probably a mini-abdominoplasty would be a better choice.


  • The surgery will leave a scar but in the lower abdomen which will be above the pubic hair and it will be slightly longer as opposed to the C section scar. But you will be given special measures in order to remove the scar formation.
  • The surgery however will not remove the excess fat on the abdomen. In case of excess fat, then liposuction is better. In case of muscle laxity and mild skin excess, then it is advised to go for a mini-abdominoplasty as it is a better option. 
  • Another pregnancy might result in stretching of the skin further, however may not be to the same degree. 

The surgery:

  1. The surgery to remove C section scar will be carried out under local anesthesia. The scar will be supported with a type for 2 weeks.
  2. Prior to the surgery, you will be advised proper diet in order reduce your weight in case you are overweight. It is said that best results are got if you have an ideal weight and height. 
  3. The surgery is carried out in 45-60 minutes.
  4. There would be no pain as such immediately post-surgery however pain killers are advised to counter the pain. 
  5. In first week the abdomen tends to feel tight therefore strenuous workouts has to be completely avoided.
  6. For around ten days, light activities are advised. The fresh scar will be a fine line however it could be red and raised initially however once it is completely settled; it will be fine pale and flat.

C section scar removal through tummy tucks:

C section scar can be done through tummy tuck too. Through a tummy tuck surgery, the C-section scar and excess skin is completely removed. This reveals a smooth as well as a firm look to the abdomen.

If you do not want to go for a surgery because of whatever reasons then there are many topical scar removing products available in the market. You can try them out too.

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