Bunches Hairstyle – How to Sport It Gracefully

Bunches or twintails is a certain type of hairstyle in which the long sleek hair of a girl or woman looks like simple bunches. Even though it is a simple and common hairdo, one can get a cute and adorable look by sporting a ‘bunches hair’. So, let us dig into this hairstyle today.

Bunches Hairstyle

What Do You Need for Doing a Bunches Hairstyle?

Bunches is a very easy and simple hairdo. There is no need to use a lot of hair styling tools or accessories for getting this cute look. All you need for this purpose are a hair brush or hair comb, a tail comb, hair styling gel (you can replace it with a hairspray), and a few hair bands. Styling you hair bunches can enhance you look even more. So, keep some hair accessories like hair clips, ribbons, etc. handy if you wish.

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What are the Steps for Doing a Bunches Hairstyle?

There is no hard and fast rule for making hair bunches. Even though it is a simple hairdo, it has been modified a lot of time in a number of manners. In this post, I’ll be showing you the steps for doing a certain bunch hairstyle that would help you look sweet and sexy. Check it out:

Bunches Hairstyle – How to Sport It Gracefully

1. Start with brushing your hair. Run the hair brush through your hair in order to smoothen it out. For getting a deliberately tousled effect, backcombing your hair would be a good choice. However, make sure that there is no tangle present in your hair. Or else, your hair will look frizzy at the end. Just use a little gel or hairspray, if you need a sleek and polished look.

2. You need to create a part for dividing your hair into two sections at first. You can either go for a simple center parting or choose to make a zigzag part. Take the tail comb and create a thin line at the middle of your head for achieving a center part with two equal sections of hair. To make a zigzag part, use the end of your tail comb and create a zigzag line in one go.

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3. Now, you have two similar sections of hair to make bunches (If you go for a zigzag parting, try to keep the amount of hair more or less equal in both sections). Decide on which section you want to work first and take it in your hand. It might turn out to be a bit messy to do one side while the other is left loose. In such case, tie or clip all the loose hair up by using a hair band or hair clip.

4. Now, gather all the hair present in the section you have picked up and form a bunch. Tie it into a low ponytail by using a hair band. Once done with it, go to the next section of hair. Remove the clip or band from it and repeat the same process.

5. Finally, spritz some more hair spray in order to avoid any kind of fly-aways.

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