Botanical Stem Cells in Skin Care 101

The amalgamation of past and future is what beauty honchos are using as their innovation wand. If you are also wondering, what all the rage about Botanical Stem Cells in the Beauty Industry is about. We are here to tell you.

Botanical Stem Cells  in Skin Care 101
What are Botanical Stem Cells?
Botanical Stem Cells are those magical words, recently popularized, in the anti ageing segment of the beauty industry. These cells are the key to halt time and make you look younger than ever before.

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How are Botanical Stem Cells derived for infusion in Skin Care Products?

Botanical Stem Cells are found in the bud or the root of the plant also known as the meristemetic region.
All contaminants from the product are removed prior to initiating the extraction.
It is not possible to keep the botanical stem cells away from its source in artificial care, which is why the nutrients, amino acids, phenylpropanoids, polysaccharides, phytosterols, anti-inflammatory and minerals are extracted.It is through scientific process then that extracts are used for infusion in cosmetic preparations.

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Which plants are used for Botanical Stem Cell Extraction?


Gardenia has great antioxidant and inflammatory properties. It has great healing qualities and is used by Chinese in their medicines over the years. It relieves the skin of inflammation, aids in skin firmness, formation of new lines and removal of wrinkles.

Lilac - Botanical Stem Cells 101


These flowering plants grow on rocky hills and aid in sebum production and balance in the skin. They help in reducing spots and pigmentation, control the signs of ageing, giving a brighter and better skin and complexion.


It grows in the alps on top of the mountains and is resilient to harsh climates. It produces collagen and elastin both extremely good for wrinkle reduction and skin improvisation.

The above are more popular sources used in botanical stem cell extraction. There are many other sources used other than the one’s mentioned above.

What is the role of Botanical Stem Cells in Skin Care?

  • Botanical Stem Cells, extracted from plants have the quality to multiply. They can regenerate cells, organs or skin, which explains, when Botanical stems are used in beauty products they help in revitalizing the skin, making it look younger.
  • Botanical Stem Cells replace old stem cells with new stem cells, generating more cells as required to keep the skin fresh and young.
  • Botanical Stem Cells produce collagen and elastin, that effectively reduces inflammation and encourages all factors that lead to better skin
  • Botanical Stem Cells also prop up skin firmness and softness in addition to protecting the skin.
  • The cells have high antioxidant quality, which reduces dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines
  • It assists in repairing cells, tissues or any kind of skin damage.
  • Serves as a skin hydrator, improves the emergence of skin discolouration and emits radiant skin glow.

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Are Botanical Stem Cells infused skin care products of any disadvantage to you?

  • While we are drooling over how advantageous this innovation is for our skin, what we cannot fathom and still remains controversial in science are the following:
  • Evidence to prove the research that botanical stem cell based products stimulates cell replication and increased collagen production, which is what results in young, anti-ageing properties of the innovation.
  • The ethics of any stem cell practice, even that of botanical stem cells are not very clear.

All in all, products that sell stating they contain Botanical Stem Cells, do not actually contain them. There are just proteins and acids produced by these that are infused in them. The inclusion of Botanical Stem Cells in the product is a propaganda, that companies use to sell and cache on the popularity trend of the word.

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