Is Your Boss Hitting On You?

Attention is something that every woman loves, don’t we? But it’s not that we like to respond to all the people who shower us with the attention. Women usually intuit it if someone is attracted to them. Well, we just sense the romantic vibe that hovers around us; we kind of have a sixth sense in that matter!! Generally it’s easy to deal with the attention from any random person, but what if the person happens to be your boss??? The situation does get a bit dicey then, as you cannot just draw a conclusion based on just your instinct. Dealing with the matter is however secondary, what’s more important is- how do you know, if your boss is hitting on you?? Well, catch the following cues to find out if your boss is attracted to you:

boss attracted

Your boss checks you out: Is your boss constantly checking you out?? If he is constantly gazing at you when you happen to be in his surroundings and not in a conversation with him in particular then he could be smitten by you. On the other hand if he is looking at you just for a few seconds, then not much to worry as he might just be watching if you are doing your job well. Just watch if he is looking deep into your eyes, checking you out head to toe even forgetting his surroundings.

Boss showering you with compliments: Is your boss showering you with compliments daily?? Then it could mean that he is attracted to you. Especially if he compliments on your looks and not your work. For instance, ‘Are you single?’ ‘Your husband is a very lucky man.. .’Etc. If he is strictly talking good about your work then there is nothing much to dig out of it but if it’s otherwise then there is surely something cooking here.

boss attracted

Texts you or Calls you often: Does your boss send you personal messages, forwards every often to an extent of putting you in an uncomfortable spot? It could possibly be because he is falling for you and that’s why he is seeking your attention. Especially if he is keeping a tab on your personal matters, enquiring too much about your personal life like.. ‘Did you have food, dinner’ etc, sending ‘missing you’ notes are all a very strong message that the person is most certainly giving you a lot more attention than a boss should ideally give.

Getting too ‘touchy’: Watch out if your boss is trying to touch you more often unnecessarily. A general shake hand, a formal hug can all be considered as exchanging pleasantries but anything beyond that need not be entertained. If he tries to touch you unnecessarily, for instance- holding your hand, patting your back, touching your shoulder etc, all these gestures are undoubtedly the hints that your boss is trying to get intimate with you. If you are uncomfortable with all this, you should tell your boss straight away that you are not comfortable with his behaviour.

You are bestowed with increments while others are not: Is your Boss giving you perks all of a sudden, when you are not even expecting it? You might have gone on a long leave and not really contributed in terms of work but yet you are given perks, then definitely your boss is doing this on purpose, probably for a personal favour in exchange.

These points are based on general situations. Every boss would not necessarily be like this. If your boss is attracted to you there is nothing wrong with it, provided he is single. It is completely up to you on how you want to respond to it. If you are also single and you too feel the same way about your boss then there is no harm in responding to his moves. But if your boss is married or is in a relationship with someone already then it would be better for you to stay off this whole scene as it will turn out to be nothing but a big fiasco in the end.

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