How to Boost Your Communication Skills With Yoga?

A successful life is merely defined by strong willpower, unputdownable efforts and excellent communication skills. We are already aware of the fact that yoga practice can boost our inner strength and increase our self-confidence to a great extent. But do you know that it can play a key role in honing your communication skills too? Well, let us talk about it today. Here we go:

How to Boost Your Communication Skills With Yoga?

How Communication Skills Can Be Improved with Yoga?

Before you start practicing yoga for enhancing your communication skills, it is important to know how exactly the process can help you in your way. Here is what yoga can do for you:

1. An Overall Wellness

Yoga can lead you to an overall health and well-being by soothing your mind, regularizing your metabolism, regulating the functions of your internal as well as external organs. All these have strong positive effects on our thoughts and emotions, which eventually gives us less emotional outbursts and amazing visual clarity.

2. Reduced Stress Levels

The increasing level of stress, whether it is mental or physical, can result into fiery confrontations. But regular practice of yoga can help you avoid such situations by lowering your stress levels significantly. It is required for taking a control over anxiety and irritability, thereby promoting effective communication.

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3. Perfect Energy Balance

Your way of communication is highly controlled by the energies flowing throughout your body. When you practice yoga every day, you become able to balance those energies perfectly. As the nervous energy gets converted into positive energy, your levels of confidence as well as communication skills go higher.

4. Better Posture

While communicating with someone, your posture needs to be correct. It is your ‘body language’ that shows how actually you hold yourself, which is enough to make a difference. Practicing yoga is extremely beneficial in getting right posture, which helps us conveying the right messages to the people at the other end.

How to Boost Your Communication Skills With Yoga?

Yoga Poses / Postures to Boost Communication Skills

Now, here are a few yoga poses and postures that will help you sharpen your communication skills efficiently:

1. Halasana

Lie straight on the floor (on your back). Lift the lower part (hips and legs) of your body slowly, while providing support to your lower back with both of your hands. Make sure that your body is balanced perfectly. Stay in this position for next 15 seconds. Then, get back to the initial state.

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2. Sarvangasana

Lie straight on the ground (on your back). Place your hands by your sides and lift the legs gradually until they form a right angle with the floor. You should also raise your lower back off the ground at this stage and support it with your hands, if needed. Hold on the position for next 10 to 15 seconds. Then, relax.

3. Mountain Pose

Stand upright on the ground. There should be no tension in your leg muscles. Put your lower stomach muscles to action and pop your pelvis a little forward. In this stage, your hips, knees and ankles should be aligned with each other. Keep your spinal cord straight and remain in that position for next few seconds.

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