Body Shaping Garments- A Boon or a Bane?

Everybody yearns to have a perfect body but sadly that remains to be a mission unaccomplished for most of us. Exercise, surgeries, diets, yoga there are many ways to cut down the flabs but still for some getting a curvaceous body they desire is something they obsess about and for that they would do anything possible. In today’s age and day every woman no matter which size she belongs to, still wants to be in even better shape, nobody is satisfied with what they have. While these exercises and diets work in a long term period, the women now seem to have another option to look toned and in shape within minutes, wand this trend is now getting on to everyone too. I am talking about the body shaping garment, which has caught everyone’s fancy in recent times.

Body Shaping Garments

So what are these Body shaping garments??

Body shaping garments, as the name says is a garment which after worn instantly compresses your body making you look slimmer. This garment basically squashes the body helping to look much in shape. It squeezes the body at the right places in order to enhance your assets which in turn will make you look fuller at right places and thus in great shape too. So in a matter of minutes you look slimmer than before. It flattens most of the body parts like tummy, buttocks, waist, breasts, thighs, hips etc. The body shaping garments apparently gifts you an hour-glass figure in minutes that too without any effort. But the question here is, are things as rosy as it is pictured to be?? Are these garments really a great thing to be used?? If so, then why isn’t everyone using it?? What are the consequences of using these garments on our body?

Truth behind the body shaping garments:

I know there could be a hundred tempting reasons to buy these garments, but what we need to understand is that, this is at the end of the day is a unnatural way of slimming down. Compressing the body can have major consequences to our body in the long run! So allow me to put down the fact’s associated with these body shaping garments and then it’s up to you to decide to go for it or not! And trust me you will only be happy to know that you are not one of those who are wearing these garments 

Cons of using the body shaping garments:

  • First and foremost- The garment is restricting the normal blood flow of the body as it is literally squeezing the body. The blood flow has to be at a normal pace through the body for the body parts to work normally.
  • It is very uncomfortable to get into these garments, almost impossible to put it on without a helping hand! Now it is not possible for everyone to have someone help them out to get into it, right?
  • It restricts you from going to the bathroom every often, obviously because you will have to go through the pain of getting out of the shapers and into the shapers every time!! Besides that controlling your urge to visit the bathroom is also not a good practise.
  • There can be serious issues if your body shapers are too tight because then it would stop the blood flow from the pelvic area to the lungs as well as heart.
  • The restriction of blood flow will result in blood clots in lungs, brain and heart which can be fatal!
  • Tight clothing will only put immense pressure on the nerves and also on the internal organs.
  • The body shaping garments in general are very costly and if you are using them then you will need to have a couple of them at least, as using just one can be very unhygienic.

Overall the body shaping garments are not a great option with regards to health. The decision is ultimately each individual’s whether they want to use this or not. In any case, it is good to always keep in mind that anything that gives you fast results does come with a price!! So choose wisely 🙂

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