Does Body Contouring Surgery really work?

Body contouring surgery is basically a surgery that alters the natural shape of different parts of the body.  Normally, this cosmetic surgery is opted for after a major weight loss  in order to tone the body and shape the tissue under the skin and prevent it from sagging. The body would have lost the excess flab, but the folds of the skin still bear an unsightly reminder to the fat. Body contouring helps you get rid of that sagging skin. To know if it works, let us first see what the surgery is all about.

Which parts can body contouring be performed on?

Body contouring can be done on the upper arms, torso, chest and thighs.

Why would you need body contouring?

After a major weight loss, your skin starts sagging in the regions where you have lost fat cells. Body contouring can help you improve the shape of your body and tone the tissue under your skin and prevent it from sagging. Note that, by itself, body contouring is not an effective remedy to lose fat. It is normally performed after removal of fat through liposuction. It gives your skin natural looking contours after the surgery or weight loss and minimizes the unnatural looking folds or stretch marks in the body.

Contouring Surgery

Cost of body contouring surgery

An arm lift can cost you $8000, a breast lift $15000 while a full body contour might run to about $30000.

Body Contouring Surgery Procedure

The patient is administered anesthesia. Incisions are made to remove excessive skin. The shape and extent might depend on your body. Excess skin is removed from around the incisions to prevent sagging. Contouring can be wrapped up in one sitting if it is localized or last a couple of sitting spaced over a few months.

The incisions are performed on the breasts, inner thighs, inner arms or around the waist, depending on which region you have requested the lift for. Almost immediately after the surgery, the skin becomes tighter since all the extra skin is cut off.

Post Surgery Care

The area where the lift was performed is wrapped in bandage. Your movement will be limited. Sutures are removed two weeks from the surgery. Swelling lasts upto two months after the surgery.

Effects of body contouring

While not immediately evident due to the swelling from the surgery, within about one or a month and a half, you can notice that the skin where the lift was performed  is firmer and more toned. Be it sagging breasts or loose skin under the arm, it is all tucked in, resulting in a more toned body.

It will take you some time to get over the presence of the scars where the sagging skin was removed. It fades away with time.

Which brings us back to the first question- Does Body Contouring Surgery Really Work?

 Yes. If your weight loss has been upwards 50 pounds, localized in an area, then you have a lot of sagging skin. The only way to get rid of that sagging skin is surgery. And the surgery works. Just ensure that you have an open discussion with the plastic surgeon to set realistic expectations and know the final results. Also, visit a surgeon who knows his trade to minimize the risk of it going wrong or contracting an infection. After achieving what you want, ensure that you eat healthy and work out to maintain your weight to make the effect of the surgery lasting.

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