Body Care Products that You Should Always Carry

When we pack for a day out or a trip, we never forget our pressed powder or facial tissues. But what about body care products? What if you are heading to work right after the early morning at the gym or are going out on a trip, what all would you need? We give you a comprehensive list of the body care products that you should always carry with you, so that not just your face but your body is also pampered at all times.

Body Care Products You Should Carry at all times 

1. Sunscreen

Body Care Products that You Should Always Carry

This is the single most important thing  in your kit, be it for a couple of hours out or for a longer trip. Remember to always apply sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body twenty minutes before you step out. No sunscreen can give sun protection through the day. So always reapply after a couple of hours.

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2. Hand Sanitizer 

A hand sanitizer is important since it kills any germs that have accumulated in your hands from the surfaces that you have touched. Make sure to sanitize your hands after you use a public toilet or after touching any surfaces in public transport. Also remember to use it before you start eating anything when you are on the go. That way, you can be sure that your hands are germ free.

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3. Hand Cream 

Body Care Products that You Should Always Carry

Since you are washing your hands a lot through the day, it is always better to carry a nourishing hand cream that will pamper your hands and keep them silky soft. They normally come in handy travel friendly tubes, so pick them up in twos so that one can always remain in your gym or travel bag while you can use the other at home.

4. Soap or Shower gel 

If you go gymming before going to work or if there are possibilities of getting soaked in the rain, then it is always better to carry a small soap or a travel pack of a shower gel so that you can shower and change into fresh clothes. If you are packing a soap, then make sure that you use one that is moisturizing and does not dry your skin out.

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5. Body Lotion

A body lotion is essential to keep your skin soft and supple. If you are having a bath at work after a gym session or are on a trip, remember to pack a small bottle of body lotion so that you can follow up your shower with application of body lotion all over your body. If possible, pick one that has the same notes as your perfume or deodorant so that you can keep smelling fresh through the day.

6. Talcum Powder 

Body Care Products that You Should Always Carry

A talcum powder is essential to prevent any foul odor and also to keep away the prickly heat during the harsh summers. Pack a cooling talcum powder with a fresh fragrance and use it on all the body folds and between the feet so that you feel fresh and smell great.

7. Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are having a shower, then it is always better to pack a good shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair and condition it. Pick a nice travel size combo of a shampoo and conditioner that will not dry your hair out and will leave it silky smooth.

8. A spritzer with rose water or a body mist 

Body Care Products that You Should Always Carry

Just like freshness lent by wipes, a spritz of rose water or a body mist all over the body makes you feel refreshed and also hydrates and rejuvenates your skin. When you are on the go, all you need to do is to spray some onto the exposed parts of your skin to feel fresh all over again.

 9. A small toothpaste or mouth wash 

A minty fresh breath is something that you cannot compromise when you are out. So pack a small tube of a toothpaste or a small bottle of mouthwash so that your breath is fresh even after a spicy lunch.

10. Deodorant 

Last but not the least, don’t we all want to smell great at all times? So pack a can of your favorite deodorant so that you can splash some onto yourself and keep the sweat at bay to smell great through the day.

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