Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees

Silk sarees, make for a popular and most preferred choice when it comes to sarees in India. Silk in itself come in varieties from plain coloured sarees to multi hued and patterned silk sarees. Not just that, there’s a current trend and fashion of mixing two fabrics in half and half. Any silk saree, will loose its appeal if not paired with a right blouse design. To add a stylish touch to your look, we have listed, easy to find, get tailored blouse designs for silk sarees.

Backless Blouses

1. Backless Blouses

If you want to get a bold with your design choice for your blouse, opt for the backless blouse design. The only thing you need to keep in mind is your body type and comfort level when opting for this design. It’s sassy, a popular choice for its modern and uber stylish look.

Halter Neck Blouses

2. Halter Neck Blouses

A twist to the traditional blouse designs for silk sarees is the halter neck design.Halter neck blouses are favorite for many, when it comes to backless blouses, and there is a reason for the same too. This is because not only do they look classy and sophisticated, but make you feel comfortable and bring out that elegance in a very subtle way. Also, halter neck blouses can be stitches into many variations, from the typical halter neck to a v halter neck blouse. A celebrity favourite when it comes to blouse designs, when in a fix, for a stylish yet modern blouse design, without any second thoughts opt for the halter neck blouse design for your silk saree.

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Boat-Neck Blouses

3.Boat-Neck Blouses

The boat neck design looks good on all kinds of body types as well as complexion because it looks enormously chic as well as feminine too. Another upside of choosing this kind of a design the next time you feel like you’re in a fix while picking  blouse design for silk sarees, is that you can also remember that these blouses can be worn both with sarees as well as lehengas so it’s a double treat.

Metallic Shade Blouses

4. Metallic Shade Blouses

No matter what, let’s just accept the fact that Gold, Silver blouses look absolutely stunning, every single time, especially with silk sarees. These blouses might be embroided with zari, stones or even beads. The different patterns along the blouses give them a rich and an enhancing look. If you like readymade blouses, those are available too. For those who might not be aware, zari is a thread made of gold or silver that are used on silk materials. An added bonus, metallic shades like gold and silver due to its versatility can be paired multiple times and sarees.

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Keyhole blouse

5. Keyhole blouse

Keyhole is a personal favourite amongst a lot of people, because there is a charming sense of style to this blouse designs and at the same time it looks classy. They can be worn over a plain saree or even a multi coloured one, no matter what pattern or type of saree you pair it with, keyhole blouses will always add oomph to your ensemble. This could be either sleeveless or high collared, however you prefer it. Go for this as it gives the best kind of a traditional and stylish look, without comprising on any of the two.

The following are a few tips to remember:

1. Understand your body structure and your comfort level.

2. Consult your fashion expert.

3. Always get your blouse ready a month before the occasion so you have time to make changes, if any.

4. It is also advisable to have noodle strings or dori’s at the back of the blouse to hold it in place which will avoid the blouse from sliding off your shoulders.


The fabric, plays an important role in the whole design of the blouse. The beauty of the blouse depends not only on the cut, design of the pattern that you choose, but also fabric. Generally many fabrics are used for making blouses like Chiffon, satin, net, lace and silk. It is important the fabric is in sync with that of the saree and that the design can be styled best with the fabric you have chosen.

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