Bhramari Pranayama and its health benefits

Bhramari is the Sanskrit word for bee. Pranayam is the practice of controlling the prana or the life force in your body through breathing. The pranayama is called so because it gets you humming like a bee during exhalation. The mouth is shut during the exhalation and the sound is made using the throat.

Bhramari Pranayama

Like all the pranayama techniques, Bhramari Pranayama helps you relax. Add to it the vibrations from the humming made by the throat and you have a winning combination that calms and soothes the mind.

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How to do Bhramari Pranayama

Find a calm spot here you can sit down and do the pranayama

Sit in a pose that is comfortable for you- padmasana, ardha padmasana or vajrasana.

Make sure that your spine is straight and your shoulders are stretched out. Do not slouch while doing this pranayama.

Now open up your hands and gently plug your ears with your index finger. Make a sound and you should be able to feel the vibration on your fingertips. An alternate way of doing this is to use your thumbs to close your ears and placing the index finger on your forehead, just above your eyebrows. The middle and the ring fingers rest on your closed eyes.

Breathe in deeply. Do not force yourself to overdo it or expand your chest or abdomen. But focus on getting in more air than your regular breathing pattern.

Now exhale slowly, keeping the mouth closed.

Make a low humming sound from your throat while you breathe out.

You should be able to feel the vibrations of the humming on your fingers.

Gently release your hands and rest them on the knees. This is one round of Bhramari pranayama. About 5-10 times a day is an ideal number of times that this must be repeated.

Always do it on empty stomach, in the morning or the evening.

Benefits of Bhramari Pranayama

It helps calm the body and mind, both from the breathing and the vibrations produced by the humming.

Helps in alleviating blood pressure.

The pranayama helps in improving metabolism in the body and consequently helps you lose weight.

It increases the amount of oxygen that reaches the system as a result of which the body functions with more energy and vitality.

It balances the amount of hormones that are secreted in the body. It releases serotonin which helps in uplifting your mood.

It is known to prevent headaches and is also effective against migraine.

On regularly performing Bhramari pranayama, conditions such as asthma and other respiratory disorders can be controlled.

It can help cure insomnia. Do this in the evening every day to soothe your nerves and you are sure to get a good night’s sleep.

Pregnant women can practice Bhramari Pranayama since it is known to ease childbirth.

Over a period of time, doing this pranayama helps improve your concentration levels and memory.

Goes without saying that get into a habit of spending ten minutes every day to do Bhramari Pranayama for a calmer and quieter mind.

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