Best Lipstick Shades for Women with Fair Skin

Feeling lost in the wide galore of lipstick ranges available in the market? With so many brands and unlimited shades to select from, this is definitely a tough task for any girl. If you want to pick out some best colors that suit you aptly, without indulging in any lipstick disaster, here we are at your help.

The three basic aspects that you should consider when searching through multiple shades are as follows:

  • Know your skin tone and buy shades that complement it.
  • Know your purpose and occasion, i.e. regular wear, party wear etc.
  • Know the make and texture of your lipstick.

Lipstick Shades for Women with Fair Skin

For those with fair skin tone, it is considered that selecting lipstick is considerably easier as they can experiment and try out more varieties in comparison to dark toned girls. However, if you do not wish to depend on the test and trial process, read below to know about some lipstick shades that are perfectly complementing to fair skin tone.

Red: Red is a favored choice among fair skinned ladies as it adds a dash of excitement and glamour effortlessly.  Bold and bright in hue, there are many shades of red for you to try out. For weddings, night parties and more, opt for a light makeup with bold red lips to amaze the world with your beauty.

Lipstick Shades for Women - Red

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Coral: Secondly, there are the coral shades of lipstick that equally enhance the beauty of fair skinned girls. You can check out the pink coral shades that are excellent for regular office wear. With a non-bold and natural essence in it, the coral shade keeps your makeup undertone and subtle.

Lipstick Shades Corel

Orange: Blending softness with a tinge of boldness, orange is the color that is exclusively suited for fair skinned, especially teen aged girls. Exhibiting trendy and adventurous spirit, this color is sure to make you stand out of the box. Add some gloss to it and you are ready to rule.

Lipstick Shades Orange

Maroon: You can play with shades of maroon also to upgrade your looks in an elegant style. A touch of plum maroon can work wonder instantly, making you the diva of the crowd.

Lipstick Shades Maroon

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Peach Pink: Want to keep it light and understated? For regular wear, pinkish peach is the color for you. It not only blends well with fair skin tone but also adds a youthful charm to your personality.

Lipstick Shades Peach Pink

Apricot Brown: For a soft and nude look, apricot brown with a slight dash of rose can be your best pick. Its shimmering spark definitely adds to your spirit without making you appear overly made up. For professionals who need to go out regularly, this lipstick shade is fittingly for you.

Apricot Brown Lipstick Shades

Cranberry:  Yet another bold lipstick shade for fair skin girls to be the head turner of any party, cranberry with a flavor of gloss is the choice to bank on. Enjoy flaunting your beauty in elegance, style and grace at its best.

Cranberry Lipstick Shades

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