Best Hairstyles to sleep in to Wake up With Gorgeous Hair

Have you noticed your hair being tangled every time you get up in the morning? Tangled hair can cause hair breakage resulting in hair damage.  If you are you also one of the unfortunate ones, maybe we could help you out with this.

While sleeping if your hair is not tied properly, it will be exposed to a lot of unnecessary twisting and tangling. So if you sleep with your hair tied in a certain hairstyle you could avoid the tangling. Let us get straight on and know more about the hairstyles.

Plait your hair: Before you go to bed, comb your hair gently with a wide bristled comb. Then plait your hair till the end and secure it with a soft band. Next morning you will wake up with a tangle free hair. What more? You get your natural waves in your hair too!

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Loose bun hairstyle: Prior to sleep comb your hair and remove all the tangles from your hair. Flip your hair and take it all on top of your head. Gather all the hair, like you do to make a high pony tail and roll it into a loose bun. Secure the bun with a loose elastic band and you are good to sleep and wake up with gorgeous tangle free hair.

Loose bun hairstyle

High pony or loose tail hairstyle: This one is a simple yet fabulous hairstyle to sleep in. Brush your hair well and tie it up to a high pony or a loose pony and sleep through the night. Make sure that the elastic you use  to secure the ponytail is a very soft one so that it will not break the hair strands. If you feel uncomfortable with the high pony, you can tie a loose pony and leave it on.

High pony or loose tail hairstyle

Wrap it up: A scarf or a cap will be great help for this wrap up hairstyle. The benefit of this hairstyle is that the hair will be all covered up and you do not need to do anything to your hair as well. Pull all your hair up and wrap the scarf around it and just slip off to sleep. The other way is to neatly put your hair inside a loose night cap and leave it like that and go to sleep. Your hair is safe and neat and you will wake up with tangle free hair.

Beach waves hairstyle: The super glam beach waves are so much in demand these days and you really do not have to spend a bomb to have them on your hair. Well! All you need is an overnight hairstyle and viola- next morning you have your own sexy beach waves. For this you need to wash your hair before going to bed. Then dry them well. Spray your hair with texturizing spray. Then part your hair into 4 to 5 small sections and braid each of those sections and tie them with small elastics. Sleep well and next morning untie the braids and shake the waves loose with fingers and just spray another round of hairspray and you have your sexy waves, just as easily as that.

Beach waves hairstyle

It is good to use a satin pillow cover as there is very less chances of hair breakage on satin cloth as opposed to the regular ones. If you are using a band to tie your hair then make sure it is very soft ones preferably of elastic or else they may damage your hair badly.

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