Best Hair Oils for Dry Hair – Top 83 Picks

Dryness in the hair can be overcome only by oiling your hair. The secret to super soft and super shiny hair is the nourishment that you provide to the hair in the form of your hair oil. While picking an oil to combat dryness, choose oils that come enriched with vitamin E and provide deep conditioning to the entire hair shaft. To make your task of finding the perfect oil for dry hair easier, we give you our top 7 picks of the best hair oils for dry hair. So go ahead and pick up one of these to bid goodbye to dry hair.

Best Hair Oils for Dry Hair 

1. Dove Elixir Dryness Care Hair Oil 

Dove Elixir Dryness Care Hair Oil

The new hair oil range from Dove brings to you this Dryness care hair oil that is enriched with olive oil and lavender. The oil from Dove claims to give you the goodness of overnight oiling in just 30 minutes, meaning, soaking your hair for 30 minutes in the Dove Elixir is equal to treating your hair to an overnight oil massage. The olive oil and lavender combination work on your hair to overwhelm the dryness, to nourish every single hair fiber and prevent all signs of damage. The oil is priced at Rs. 185 for 90 ml.

2. Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

Have not heard of Satthwa Premium Hair Oil yet? You are certainly missing out something! The product is a new kid on the block and has already been taking the internet by storm. The super nourishing formula claims to meet all your hair needs while treating serious hair issues like hair fall, bald spots, premature graying, dandruff, etc. successfully. Bonus? It contains zero paraben and harmful chemicals! For the detailed review, keep reading:

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

3. Shahnaz Husain Arnica Hair Oil

Shahnaz Husain Arnica Hair Oil

Shahnaz Husain’s Arnica Hair Oil is enriched with Arnica, bhringraj, amla, sandalwood and brahmi. Massaging the hair with this oil helps in improving the hair texture. Use overnight to moisturize your hair and get rid of any dryness in the hair. It also helps in improving blood circulation and improves hair growth. Regular use will give you well nourished healthy hair. It is priced at Rs. 955 for 500 ml.

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4. Matrix Biolage Root Nourishing Hair Oil

Matrix Biolage Root Nourishing Hair Oil

The Matrix Biolage Root Nourishing Hair Oil is a mix of three oils- coconut, almond and sunflower. The triple oil formula helps nourish the scalp and fight the dryness of the hair. The oil protects the hair from any damage done by the sun, UV rays or chlorine in the water. Matrix Biolage Root Nourishing Oil is a wonderful solution for wonderful hair. It is priced at Rs. 125 for 100 ml.

5. Tatha Hair Oil Tonic

Tatha Hair Oil Tonic

The Tatha Hair Oil tonic is enriched with lavender extracts, castor oil, lemon, grapefruit and sunflower seed oil. The hair oil helps in deep conditioning the hair. It is best massaged into the scalp overnight. If using for a shorter duration, wrap your head with a warm towel and let the oil soak into your hair roots. This will help treat dry hair. It is priced at Rs. 1890 for 180 ml.

6. FX Moroccan Moisture Miracle Oil

FX Moroccan Moisture Miracle Oil

The FX Moroccan Moisture Miracle oil is made with the miraculous argan oil as the base. It moisturizes and strengthens the hair. The oil helps to add shine and to defrizz your hair. It instantly polishes and smooths your hair to make it manageable and lustrous. It is priced at Rs. 495 for 118 ml.

7. Organix Coconut Milk Self Heating Oil

Organix Coconut Milk Self Heating Oil

Coconut milk is one of the excellent moisturizers nature can provide. Read more about the benefits of coconut milk for hair care here. The Organix Coconut Milk Oil has a unique formula that self heats when it comes in contact with your hands to give you a nice warm oil massage. Its healing blend has ingredients like coconut oil, coconut milk, whipped eggs that will help seal in moisture into your hair and give you pampered smooth hair. It is priced at Rs. 625 for 118 ml.

8. Khadi 18 Herbs Oil 

Khadi 18 Herbs Oil

The Khadi 18 Herbs oil is an ultimate blend of 18 different herbs that help condition, protect and improve hair growth. The oil comes with amla, bhringraj, neem, henna, lemongrass, camphor, olive, sesame and almond extracts to name a few. Regular use helps in improving hair texture and growth. If you have dry and brittle hair, then you are only one massage away from getting smoother hair. It is priced at Rs. 320 for 210 ml.

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