Best Foundations for Sensitive Skin to Enhance Your Beauty

People with sensitive skin need to be extra careful when selecting their makeup items in order to keep their skin nourished and supple in a positive way. As foundations build the base of makeup process, it is crucial that you pick out the best foundations for sensitive skin in order to avoid problems.

Tips To Select the Right Foundation

Before we learn about the foundations that are designed to suit sensitive skin tone, let’s know the basic tips to follow while buying it.

Do not buy foundation based only on its fragrance.
Verify if the product blends perfectly to your skin tone
Check for any irritation or skin problem.
Consider your budget and brand also.

Foundations That Are Designed For Sensitive Skin Type

Finding the right product can be tough and confusing, especially if you are using it for the first time. To help you, here we have provided with the names of some popular brands that offer with sensitive skin’s foundation range.

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Revlon Colorstay Foundation: (Price Rs 790 for 30ml)
This foundation is long lasting and made with a lightweight formulation to suit sensitive skin well. It is non greasy and can be evenly blended easily without cracks or patches. It is also provided with sunscreen protection SPF6 that hydrates and moisturises the skin deeply.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation: (Price Rs 790 for 30ml)

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation with SPF 15 (Price Rs 1295)
Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, this foundation is made with natural organic components to ensure maximum benefit without any side effects. Beewax, Vitamin E and marula oil enriches and nourishes your skin texture deeply as well as concealing dark patches and wrinkles in an effective way. It is also provided with sun protection SPF 15.

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation with SPF 15 (Price Rs 1295)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation: (Price Rs. 1120 for 30ml)
Get to flaunt a glowing and flawless skin tone that stays up to 16 hours. Its healthy mix of ingredients boosts up the complexion in a smooth and even manner. The foundation is formulated with fruity extracts that also moisturize and enrich the facial texture rightly.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Rimmel – Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation: (Price Rs. 550 for 30ml)
Protecting your makeup for up to 25 hours, this foundation is extremely user friendly in all types of weather. Its long lasting smooth finish revitalizes the skin and makes it energetic and hydrated, thus making your skin tone appear light and healthier.

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Rimmel - Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation

Kryolan Ultra Foundation (Price Rs 900)
Kryolan brings for your sensitive skin type an ultra creamy and smooth foundation that blends perfectly and works for 7-8 hours. It is also available in multiple shades to suit different skin types, making your face radiant in an effortless way.

Kryolan Ultra Foundation

Lotus Herbals NaturalBlend Comfort Liquid Foundation: (Price Rs 595 for 30ml)
Here’s another nice foundation for sensitive skin that is not only smooth and long lasting but also available in three diverse shades to add more variation in your beauty regime. It is provided with sun protection SPF 30, thus making it a convenient solution for regular usage purpose also.

Lotus Herbals NaturalBlend Comfort Liquid Foundation

Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation: (Price Rs 185 for 25ml)
To get a fresh and non-makeup look that suits your sensitive skin tone, this foundation from Lakme is the pick for you. It is long lasting, evenly blends and also provided with sun protected SPF 8.

Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation

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