Best Eyebrow Pencils Available in India

Having a full and shaped eyebrow can easily add more definition to your facial structure and makeup, making you the head turner of all occasion. To get that perfect and flawless look, it is important that you opt for a good eyebrow pencil that fills in the brow effectively. From regular wear to party perfect, there are various types of eyebrow pencils available in the Indian market to satisfy your need. Here we have discussed about some of the most prominent brands of eyebrow pencils that are available in India.

Lakme Eyebrow Pencil (Price Rs 55)

Recognized as a trusted cosmetic brand in India, Lakme eyebrow pencil comes in dark black color to make your brows appear full and fine. Its smudge free and water resistant features make it a more prominent item at hand to try out.

Lakme Eyebrow Pencil

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Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil (Price Rs 500)

Add some drama to your eyebrow with this pencil from Maybelline. Its smudge free formula added with easy-to-apply feature makes it the best wear for all day. The fine strokes of the pencil along with the built in comb ensure that you get a natural and intense looking eyebrow that upgrades your appearance successfully. It is available in four exciting color shades – light brown, medium brown, light blonde and dark blonde.

Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil

Coloressence Eyebrow Pencil (Price Rs 224)

This eyebrow pencil from Coloressence effectively fills up the spaces and gives your face a proper shape and personality. It is available in two colors- black and brown to select from as per your requirement, need and convenience. It is smudge free and offers rich color coverage, thus enhancing your beauty better.

Coloressence Eyebrow Pencil

Deborah Eyebrow Perfect Super Precision Brow liner (Price Rs 625)

This eyebrow pencil is long lasting and smudge-proof, making it a handy and effective choice. It perfectly arches out your brows in a flawless manner and provides with a matte finish look. It’s easy to use and fills the surface with fine feathery strokes that makes your eyes appear intense and well defined.

Deborah Eyebrow Perfect Super Precision Brow liner

MAC Stud Crayon (Price Rs 980)

Designed in twist pencil, the MAC Stud Crayon eyebrow pencil has a dark brown shade that looks natural and complete. Smooth to use in light strokes, this pencil is long lasting and easy to use. You can carry it in your handbag for a touch up at any time.

MAC Stud Crayon

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Jordana Fabubrow Eyebrow Pencil (Price Rs 289)

Designed to provide your eyebrows with a shape and intense definition, this pencil from Jordana is long lasting and creamy in texture, thus nourishing your brows in an effective way. It is available in two color shades – black and brown. You can even sharpen this eyebrow pencil easily to get a fine point arch.

Jordana Fabubrow Eyebrow Pencil

Viviana Eyebrow Pencil Black (Price Rs 79)

Budget friendly and formulated with various nourishing ingredients, the black eyebrow pencil from Viviana gives you the perfect arched eyebrows to flaunt. It is composed with natural wax, castor oil and other enriching elements to keep your brows moisturized and long lasting for parties and events.

Viviana Eyebrow Pencil Black

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