Best Baby Shampoos in India – Top 7 Picks

Your baby’s skin and hair are so delicate that they need gentle products to cleanse and nourish them. The shampoo that you use for your baby needs to be mild, should help promote hair growth while also cleansing the hair thoroughly and most importantly, should not sting the eyes. Such a shampoo is not just great for the baby but also for your hair since it is made from the mildest of the ingredients. On days when you are rushed and want to simply shampoo your hair without the extensive oiling and soaking, a baby shampoo is your best bet to get great hair – since it won’t dry your hair out and you would not even need a conditioner. If you want some pointers to the choice of shampoos you have, here is our list of the best baby shampoos in India – be it for you or for the baby.

Best Baby Shampoos in India – Top 7 Picks 

1. Johnson’s Baby No More Tears Shampoo

Johnson's Baby No More Tears Shampoo

The Johnson’s Baby Shampoo has a no more tears formula which ensures that your baby’s eyes are not irritated while shampooing. The shampoo is clinically proven to be mild and does not cause any damage to the delicate baby hair. It is enriched with conditioners that will leave your baby’s hair soft and manageable and also unlock all the knots and tangles. The shampoo is priced at Rs. 80 for 100 ml.

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2. Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo

Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo

The Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo is enriched with hibiscus, khas-khas, vetiver and chickpea. It is made from a gentle no tears formula. It is tender on the hair but works towards nourishing and strengthening the hair. The shampoo adds the required moisture, conditioning and shine to the hair. It is priced at Rs. 77 for 100 ml.

3. Chicco No Tears Shampoo

Chicco No Tears Shampoo

The Chicco No tears shampoo does not irritate the eyes. It is paraben and sulfates free and clinically tested to be hypoallergic. The shampoo whose pH is the same as physiological pH is safe for the baby’s sensitive skin and hair. It cleanses and moisturizes the hair and keeps it tangle free. It is priced at Rs. 99 for 100 ml.

4. Pigeon Baby Shampoo

Pigeon Baby Shampoo

The Pigeon Baby Shampoo contains olive oil, rosehip oil and chamomile extracts. It is tear-free and hypoallergic. The pH balanced formula is also free from any coloring or fragrance. It helps in gently cleansing your baby’s hair and also conditioning it. It is priced at Rs. 110 for 100 ml.

5. Biotique Bio Apple Tearproof Baby Shampoo

Biotique Bio Apple Tearproof Baby Shampoo

The Biotique Bio Apple Tearproof Baby Shampoo is a natural blend of green apple extracts, centella and sea algae. It helps to gently cleanse the hair without drying out the scalp. The shampoo has a pH balanced no tear formula and it also nourishes the hair as it cleanses it. It is priced at Rs. 150 for 210 ml.

6. Mothercare All we Know Baby Shampoo

Mothercare All we Know Baby Shampoo

The Mothercare All we Know Shampoo is made from Olive oil and chamomile. It is created with a no-tear formula. The shampoo which has added conditioners leaves your baby’s hair clean and fresh while also leaving it soft and manageable. It is priced at Rs. 299 for 300 ml.

7. MeeMee Mild Baby Shampoo

MeeMee mild baby shampoo

The MeeMee Mild Baby Shampoo is made from olive oil, water, matricaria flower and other natural extracts. It is a mild formulation that does not sting the eyes. The shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and leaves the hair clean and shiny. It is priced at Rs. 249 for 500 ml.

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