Best Baby Lotions in India

Your baby’s skin is the most sensitive thing in the whole wide world and it needs utmost care and protection. The gentle baby skin is prone to damage easily and is sensitive to external factors like air, water and sun. What your baby’s delicate skin needs is a good baby lotion that is gentle on the skin and also protects and moisturizes the skin at the same time. Not just that, anything that is great for a baby’s skin is also great for your skin too! And why just for babies, you too could pick up a baby lotion for yourself to pamper your skin with its delicate goodness. They work great as moisturizers, body lotions and gentle make up removers. Try any of the best baby lotions in India that are listed here for smooth and nourished skin – be it yours or your baby’s.

Best Baby Lotions in India 

1. Johnson’s Baby Milk Lotion

Johnson's Baby Milk Lotion

The clinically proven mild formula of Johnson’s Baby Lotion makes it one of the most popular body lotions for babies and mothers alike. It is rich in Vitamins A and E along with natural milk extracts. The lotion adds moisture to your baby’s skin and keeps it moisturized and hydrated. It is priced at Rs. 150 for 200 ml.

2. Mothercare All We Know baby lotion

Mothercare All We Know baby lotion

The Mothercare All we Know Baby Lotion is a mildly fragranced baby lotion that is composed of olive oil and chamomile. It has a non greasy formula that will leave your baby’s skin really soft. It is dermatologist tested and safe on the baby’s skin. It is priced at Rs. 299 for 300 ml.

3. Himalaya Baby Lotion

Himalaya Baby Lotion

The Himalaya Baby Lotion is composed of olive oil, yashti madhu and country mallow. It restores the natural moisture balance in yours and your baby’s skin. The mild lotion prevents blemishes and irritations and keeps your little one’s skin clear and smooth. It is priced at Rs. 215 for a 400 ml bottle.

4. Palmer’s Baby Butter Baby Lotion

Palmer's Baby Butter Baby Lotion

The Palmer’s Baby Butter lotion is rich in cocoa butter, vitamin E and rich emollients. It has superior soothing properties and helps retain the natural moisture of the skin. It is hypoallergic and paraben and phthalate free. It is priced at Rs. 475 for 250 ml.

5. Pigeon Baby Milk Lotion

Pigeon Baby Milk Lotion

The Pigeon Baby Milk Lotion is color and fragrance free. It is pH balanced and hypoallergic, making it suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin. It is composed of olive, rosehip oil, jojoba oil,chamomile and vitamin E, helping soothe and nourish your baby’s delicate skin and making it softer. It is  priced at Rs. 225 for 200 ml.

6. Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion

The new range of products from Johnson’s meant for bedtime help in putting your baby to a relaxed sleep. The Johnson’s Baby Bedtime lotion is enriched with Nature Calm essences which help in giving your baby a good night’s rest while also moisturizing the skin. It is priced at Rs. 80 for 100 ml.

7. Libero Baby Lotion

Libero Baby Lotion

The Libero Baby Lotion contains aloe vera and vitamin E which helps in nourishing your baby’s soft skin. Regular massage with this lotion after a bath will help prevent any rough patches on the skin and make it super soft. It is priced at Rs. 85 for 100 ml.

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