Best and Worst Sleeping Positions to Stay Healthy

Do you know how much time one spends sleeping in his or her life span? It is one-third of our lives. Surprised? It is true. So it is very much important that we get a good night sleep. A good sleep is very important for our health, physical body, mind and mood. It is recommended by experts that every adult should get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. But for some persons it is something that is not easy at all. A number of things ranging from a bad mattress, eating or drinking wrong things before going to sleep or even bad sleeping positions can give rise to some of the problems like back or neck pain, stomach troubles and even premature aging.

Yes, you heard it right. Aging can also be caused by a bad sleeping posture. To find out how and also to know best sleeping positions for your body, continue reading..

Best and Worst Sleeping Positions to Stay Healthy

On your Back

It is the best sleeping position as your back is straight to the bed, helping mattress to do its job of supporting the spine. If you sleep on your back without a pillow, this will leave the neck in neutral position minimizing your pain in the neck when you woke up in the morning.

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As you can spend all the night with face in the air, it is good news for all the back sleepers as sleeping on your back minimizes wrinkles. It also minimizes acid reflux but worsens snoring.

On your side

It is the second best position for a good sleep as advised by the doctors. Most doctors encourage sleeping on your left side. Especially if you are pregnant as during pregnancy it gives optimal blood flow which benefits both mother and baby. It also reduces pressure on your back during sleeping which is not possible if you sleep on your back. It reduces heartburn and acid reflux.

But on the flip side, side sleeping can worsens wrinkles and breast sagging, put pressure on your stomach and lung and may cause shoulder and hip pain.

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On your stomach

It is a strictly NO NO sleeping position. As your natural curve of your spine is not being supported here leading to neck and back pain. It worsens wrinkles and breast sagging.

If you snore a lot in sleep then sleeping on your stomach will give a relief as it helps to keep the upper airways open compared to side sleeping position. However, sleeping all night long with your head resting to one side may lead to neck pain. So if you suffer from neck or back pain, this sleeping position should definitely be avoided.

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