Benefits and side effects of Chlorella Supplements

Chlorella is a strain of fresh water algae that is a powerful detoxification agent. It is most significantly known for its ability to even flush out mercury from the body. It also boosts the immune strength of the body.

Chlorella that is grown for human consumption is cultivated in large pools, under sunlight. It is what gives the water bodies the green colour tint. It has the highest content of chlorine in any plant, thereby giving it the name. It also contains proteins (56% by its weight), 18 amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A,B,C,E and many minerals like iron, manganese and zinc. All these make chlorella what it has come to be known as- a superfood!

Chlorella Supplements

What are the benefits of chlorella?

1. Chlorella detoxifies the body by binding itself to heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals in the body.

2. It helps prevent body odour.

3. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps in healing wounds, slow down aging, protection from cold, cough and flu.

4. It helps in increasing the oxygen absorption in the body

5. 56% of chlorella is made of bioavailable proteins. So if you are not getting proteins in your diet, this is a supplement you should be taking.

6. It has a massive amount of enzymes. This helps in improving our digestion and releasing energy in the body.

7. Chlorella is rich in a substance called interferon which helps eliminating cancer causing cells.

8. It helps in regulating both the pH levels and the sugar level in the body.

9. Since chlorella super charges our metabolism, it is known to aid in losing weight.

10. It is known to combat stress, anxiety and depression.

Chlorella Supplements

How to consume chlorella? 

Chlorella can be purchased in the form of tablets or powder. It should be taken before a meal, with water or juice.

Since chlorella has a tendency to eliminate toxins from the body, it is better to start with small doses in order to prevent any adverse reactions.

5g of chlorella is considered to be the maximum dosage that can be taken in a day.

Even though it is completely natural, it is advisable to consume it after consulting your physician.

What are the side-effects of chlorella?

Since the main function of chlorella is to eliminate toxins, its consumption can lead to increased bowel movements and sometimes even diarrhoea.

Elimination of toxins can also lead to headaches, nausea and stomach cramping during the initial few days of use.

It can cause the skin to become extra sensitive to the sun. So be sure to wear lots of sunscreen if you are consuming chlorella supplements.

It is also known to induce allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks in stray cases.

Should you take chlorella?

If you are not getting enough nutrients in your food, if you are a vegetarian lacking good protein in your diet or you want to detoxify your body, then chlorella supplement can come to your rescue. It is widely used in Japan, Taiwan and Korea and now also in the USA. To be no the safer side, consult your physician and get a prescription to good health.

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