Beer for Ditching Your Skin and Hair Problems

Beer, the perishable alcoholic beverage, has already been known for its several health benefits. But do you know that the topical use of this popular drink has deep impact on our skin and hair? Yes, we can use beer in a number of ways for enhancing our beauty. Here are top 10 uses of beer that you will love to try out:

beer for skin and  hair

1. As an Effective Detoxifier

All of us face a lot of skin problems due to the formation of toxic materials inside our body. In order to get rid of those, we need to detoxify our body regularly. Beer works as a wonderful detoxifier and helps in flushing the toxins out of our system greatly. As a result, we get flawless and naturally glowing skin.

2. As an Anti-Ageing Agent

Beer is an excellent resource of antioxidants, which work as free radical scavengers and make each of our skin cells free from inflammatory substances. Consequently, our skin becomes healthy, toned and young-looking. In other words, beer can help us keep premature ageing at bay.

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3. As a Treatment for Acne

If you have an acne-prone skin, beer can be a savior for you. It holds strong anti-bacterial properties, which aids in fighting against acne as well as other skin infections. So, include beer in your daily skin care routine and say ‘good bye’ to acne.

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4. As a Good Skin pH Balancer

Maintaining the correct pH level of skin is extremely necessary for keeping it neutral as well as beautiful shine and beer can make our task even easier. It is known to be a good pH balancer that keeps the acid-base levels of our skin up successfully so that we do not have to face issues caused by dry or oily skin.

5. As a Deep Moisturizer for Skin

Since the ancient Egyptian era, beer has been used for keeping skin deeply moisturized. It not only hydrates our skin cells by inducing moisture into them, but also restores the natural moisture of the skin by upkeeping the water balance in it.

6. As a Great Skin Softener

It has already been stated that beer keeps our skin hydrated as well as moisturized from within. Therefore, we get soft, supple and radiant skin. The beverage also contains lots of vitamin B, which helps in maintaining the health and softness of our skin to a great extent.

7. As a Potent Pore Cleanser

Being alcoholic in nature, beer can work on our clogged skin pores and open them easily. It can draw out dirt, dust, bacteria and all other impurities present within the pores, make our skin clearer and give us a toned look almost instantly.

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8. As a Natural Hair Conditioner

When it comes to taming rough and frizzy hair, beer can work as a natural remedy. It comes with amazing conditioning property, which makes our hair soft, manageable and lustrous. So, do not forget to condition your hair each time after applying a shampoo.

9. As a True Hair Volumiser

We can also make our thin and limp hair look thick and bouncy by washing it regularly with beer. As the texture of the hair gets improved instantly with the help of beer, we get intense, feathery and beautifully looking locks in no time.

10. As an Ingredient for Bubble Bath

Finally, if you want to give both your skin and hair a beauty boost all at once, go for a bubble bath using beer. Even though it is expensive, the benefits you will get are simply awesome.

So, get ready to pamper your skin and hair in a beery way today!

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