BB Cream For Hair- Is It Worth The Buy?

BB cream for skin is very popular as we all know and most of us agree that it is an excellent product. While our skin is happy with an amazing product like BB cream, why should the hair be deprived of such amazing benefits? Just when these thoughts had breezed across our minds, it arrived- the BB cream for hair.

BB Cream For Hair- Is It Worth The Buy?

BB cream for hair is known for its multitasking and now our hair also can experience this. They take care of the multiple issues that are related to the hair.

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So what does BB cream do to your hair?

BB cream essentially combines treatment as well as styling ingredients together in just one product similar to the facial BB cream, which combines makeup and skin care. With the BB cream, texture and hair health issues can be dealt at the same time. In short it is like different products assembled in just one product. There are many brands in the market that has launched BB cream for hair.

In BB creams, the skincare benefits are optimized to the right level so that apart from making the product feel good on the hair, it renders flawless finish to the hair.

The BB cream has following benefits:

  • Repairs the hair
  • Protects it from heat
  • Controls the frizz
  • Makes the hair shiny
  • Softens the hair
  • Tames the Fly-away
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Fills uneven hair cuticle
  • Anti-aging – reduces brittleness
  • Primes hair to maintain styles longer between shampoos

How to use BB cream on hair?

BB cream for hair helps to give a healthier as well as a polished look to your hair.

The BB cream is best if applied on damp hair. Therefore use it after washing your hair, apply an appropriate quantity of the cream all over your damp hair and you will get a smooth and styled hair throughout the day. Apply the product starting from end of the hair and proceed towards the roots.

So should you be using BB creams for your hair?

BB cream for hair is like a miracle portion for the hair. So the question of the hour is- will this BB cream work as a treatment product as well as a styling product?

The answer to this question is – a yes and a no!

The BB cream for hair, are most definitely the best frizz fighters. They do this by going into the hair shaft or through hydration. The complete result will however be based on the texture of your hair, just like in case of the skin. If the texture of your hair is dry, then you might require pairing this product with oil in order to moisturize the hair. If your hair is too oily then you will need to use it in combination with a dry shampoo on the roots.

To conclude, we can say that BB cream for hair are not an absolutely required product however they do have the capacity to address several issues related to the hair.

Some of the best BB cream for hair that you must try out are:

  • Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Créme: This is a light cream and can be used on wet hair or dry hair. It claims to address rough hair issue, soften the hair, smoothen the hair, de-frizz etc.
  • Keratin Perfect 1-in-1 Hair BB Multi-Action Beauty Balm: Apart from the multi-tasking, in this product the keratin molecules get into the hair’s cuticle for long-lasting effects.
  • It’s a 10 Hair Care Miracle Silk Smoothing Balm: It claims to build volume to the roots as well as its red raspberry seed oil and protects against sun damage.

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