BB Cream for Your Nails Packed with Anti-Ageing Ingredients

In the age of multi-tasking women, BB Creams are also exercising multiple roles. After all, they are good in hiding skin flaws and imperfections, give you a smooth look, illuminate and hydrate skin and make you look irresistible. But ever heard of a BB Cream for your nails? Well, beauty is always redefining itself for the better. So keep your jazzy and glittering nail enamels behind and start nourishing your nails with a BB Cream. Who knows, the love of your life might give a golden kiss on your hands, oops nails, instead!

Popularity of BB Creams for Nails

With changing weather and lifestyle conditions, BB Creams are no longer restricted to face. In fact, they are now finding usage on feet, hair and lips. After all, ageing of nails too is hovering around as a risk factor.

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This is where the new American brand Orly has struck gold by creating the first blemish balm (or BB cream) for nails.

BB Cream for Your Nails

Features & Benefits of Orly BB Cream

Orly works like a nail moisturiser and strengthens brittle nails, keeping nail breakage at bay. Its sheer peach tint adds a bit of glamour too. In addition to this, it even claims to protect the nails from UV rays. Since it serves as a good base coat, you don’t need any nail colour application. Check out some of the benefits of Orly BB Cream that will surprise you to trial:

  • Plumps the nail structure
  • Whitens the nails so as to avoid any discolouration that comes with ageing
  • Smoothing and anti-chip properties of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C help fight nail damage, ageing and illness
  • Dries within minutes of application

Aptly described as ‘a unique strengthening, brightening and protective tinted moisturiser for your tips’, Orly is fast climbing its way to giving traditional manicures a platform for change.

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BB Cream for Your Nails

Research Findings of BB Cream 

Each new discovery of a beauty product goes through a series of clinical researches and tests before coming to our dressing table.

Shreya Patel, a beauty expert has said ‘Nails become brittle and change colour, the clarity on the nail is affected, while vertical ridges can form, and they become thinner and break more easily. They look drier and take longer to recover from any injury like bruising.’

‘This is a genius product for plumping the nail structure, whitening so to avoid the discolouration that comes with ageing, brightening so they look great with no nail varnish – even though it has a pearlescent sheen so can be worn alone.”

The new face of BB Cream is here – ORLY BB Crème which is a real innovation that could dramatically change the health of our nails.

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