Bath and Body Works Body Lotion Review

The winter is the cruelest weather when it comes to damage done to the skin – it turns the skin dry and chapped and scaly. One of the easiest ways to overcome the dryness is to seal in the moisture in the skin with a good body lotion. When Bath and Body works went on sale for Christmas, I decided to get some nice smelling travel sized body lotions that I can carry around in my handbag and use on the go.

Packaging and Price

The travel size lotions come in cute 69 ml or 88 ml plastic bottles, priced at $3.50 and $5 respectively. I got it during the  sale for a throwaway price of  $1 and $1.50 respectively. The bottles come with a twist open cap which also has a flip opening if you want to dispense a smaller quantity of the product. You can buy them online in India on many websites, but only the big size – 236 ml, priced at around Rs. 850.

Ingredient list 

The ingredients of the body lotions are all similar, except the fragrance or flavor of the body lotion.

  Bath and Body Works Body Lotion Review

My experience with the Bath and Body Works Body Lotions 

Bath and Body Works Midnight Pomegranate Body Lotion

Bath and Body Works Body Lotion Review

This comes in an attractive red packaging and is enriched with vitamin E, jojoba and Shea Butter. It has a thick creamy consistency and spreads easily on the skin. The fragrance of this body lotion is very bubble gum like and fruity. Once you have applied it after the bath, you can forget about worrying about dry skin for a long time! It stays on for about 4-5 hours without letting your skin feel any dryness. In fact, you don’t know that the lotion is there but for its faint fragrance. But when you are washing your hands and the lotion on the skin comes in contact with the water, you feel it melting away with water. That is when you realize that the lotion is still on the skin, forming a protective sheath.

Bath and Body Works Bali Mango Body Lotion

Bath and Body Works Body Lotion Review

True to its name, it smells of mangoes and very strongly so. Sometimes you like it and sometimes not. Not everyday do you want to smell like a ripe mango. As a  fruit it smells great, but for me personally, I don’t like it so much on the skin.

Bath and Body Works Charmed Life Body Lotion 

Bath and Body Works Body Lotion Review

This is a blend of guava, pear and vanilla and the body lotion is enriched with Vitamin E and Shea Butter. It has a perky smell that makes you energetic. The lotion smells strongly so much that, even after you leave the room, the fragrance lingers. It has a strong vanilla fragrance, something that I am not at all complaining about! Like the other lotions, it prevents the skin from drying out almost throughout the day.

I am really happy with the way the lotions treat my skin and love the fragrance of the Midnight Pomegranate the best. They last much longer than the locally available lotions and also smell better than them. Am certainly buying another batch during the next sale.

Aparna Anand

After a stint in an MNC in Bangalore, Aparna has now started doing what she loves the most- writing. Travelling and cooking come a close second and third. She lives in Mumbai with her husband.

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