Basic Beauty Tips and Tricks Every Woman Must Know

Every industry has its own set of tricks of the trade to excel. Beauty too is a front runner in this race. If you are feeling left out for not knowing the beauty tricks your counterparts know, we spill beauty tips and tricks every woman must know right here.

Basic Beauty Tips and Tricks Every Woman Must Know

1. When decking up a look, always stick to one focal point. We know how much you love make up and how much you love it all, but as the saying goes two of a trade seldom agrees. Either go loud with the lips or the eyes, put your best foot forward with just one focal point, etch it as a beauty rule.

2. Start your blush application measuring two fingers distance from the nose, in upwards direction and highlight your cheek bones

3. Foundation like the name suggests is necessary and prime but as the popular myth goes – it’s application is a must to hide acne, it’s untrue. Foundation does not cover stubborn acne, it does hide all the blemishes while giving your skin a single tone.

Makeup Drawer

4. Cleanliness is Godliness – We all know it, right from school age. But how many of us actually follow it? Schedule your calendar for clean up of your makeup bag, makeup drawer, brushes and old makeup goodies – bi-weekly.

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5. Keep your lips moisturised during summer – They have a tendency to dry out as they are prone to sun rays too. Opt for SPF constituted lip balms.

6. Summer  can be harsh on the skin too. It’s nicer to keep the makeup application as minimum as you can. Have you tried the no makeup, makeup look as yet?

7. Always start with the T-zone, for application of creams and powders

8. Are you uncomfortable using liquid liner on your eyes? In case you are not, replace them with gel liners and an angled brush. They will do the same magic of a liquid liner for you! Why should you miss out on the good things in life, right?

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9. Always, always, wash your face with cold water after application of any mask, cleansing, or any other make up removal process. Unless advised by an expert, we suggest you stick to mild cold water for face wash.

Nail Polish

10. To hide your chipped nail polish for an important do, top coat it with same color or textured nail polishes. They act as great saviors.

11. If you have a nail polish on, after removal do not immediately apply second colour. Let your nails breathe, apply another colour only after a day or two. This will keep your nails healthy, away from turning yellow and happy!

12. Cream based shower gels are more hydrating for the skin in comparison to the gel ones. They have an added bonus of moisturiser in them. Shop accordingly.

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13. Keep your hands off your face. Your hands are pathway to germs, dust, pollution and on encounter with your face, you may catch all of the hidden germs. It’s not that we are saying your hands are dirty, it’s just that given our hands are exposed to a lot, there are many invisible germs we are not known of. Prevent acne from occuring with this one simple change.

14. Don’t forget to apply bronzer on the neck and visible chest area too. Your skin colour will look even and same everywhere. Who needs to know you have dark circles or uneven skin tone at all, let’s just show your skin is smooth and pretty.


15. Make sure lipstick reaches the inner lips and corners as well. To not miss out on any spot, mark directions  prior to applying lipstick with a lip liner. You want to cut the dash at the party with your red lipstick, applied prim and proper, don’t you?

16. Exfoliating is good to get rid of dead skin. However anything in excess is harmful. Limit exfoliation to mere 1-2 days in a week.

How did you like our list of basic beauty tips and tricks every woman must know? Do you have any more tips and tricks to suggest. Share the same with beauty enthusiasts like you in the comments section below or you can even mail us the same.

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