Avon Foot Works Citrus Gel Scrub Review

I love pampering my feet. At the end of a long day, there is nothing more comforting than a foot soak. Follow it up with a nice scrub and cream and your feet with forever say thank you to you. But most of us ignore our feet and they become dry and ridden with dead skin and corns. I have found that regular care at home is better than a monthly visit to the salon for a pedicure, cause daily care will keep the feet beautiful all along. I use the Avon Foot Works Citrus Gel Scrub for my feet every alternate day in the bath. It helps me get rid of dead and calloused skin and leaves my feet smooth and soft.

Packaging and price

Avon Foot Works Citrus Gel Scrub

The scrub comes in a tube. It is priced at Rs.145 for a 50 ml tube. It has a shelf life of 3 years, but if you use it regularly, a tube should last you no more than 3 months.

What it claims

The product claims to remove dry skin and calluses to leave the skin soft. It contains sea salt and volcanic pumice that help make the scrubbing more effective.


The Avon foot works citrus gel scrub contains a bevy of chemicals. Among them, the recognizable ingredients are pineapple extract, glycerin, sea salt, pumice, aloe juice, green tea, camellia leaf extract and ginger extract.

My review of the Avon Foot Works Citrus Gel Scrub

Avon Foot Works Citrus Gel Scrub

The tube is nice and travel friendly. It comes with a twist open cap. True to its name, it has a citrus flavor that hits you the moment you open the tube. The transparent gel is a little runny with the pumice and salt granules in it.

Avon Foot Works Citrus Gel Scrub

I normally take a pea sized amount of the product on each foot during my bath and spread it evenly over my whole foot. Then I use a pumice stone to scrub the heels and the whole sole. Then, using my hands, I scrub the rest of my feet in circular motions, focusing on the dry areas. The small granules have an amazing effect on my skin, in that they make the skin soft and get rid of all the dryness. I sit on a chair and massage away for five minutes, then clean my feet with water and wipe it dry. I follow this up with some lotion. The scaly skin on the feet is gone in one scrub and repeated use also prevents the occurrence of cracks. It is also effective in removing the dirt accumulated between the nails.

So as a foot scrub, I think Avon Foot Works Citrus Gel Scrub is a great product. However, in the past, I have also bought large containers of generic body scrubs which are slightly cheaper and serve the purpose of a foot scrub well. The only plus that the Avon scrub has in comparison to others is great smell. There are many face scrubs in the market itself which are half the price of the Avon foot scrub.

Summing up,


Great for the feet. Gets rid of dry skin.

Wonderful smell.


Pricey. See if you can get it during a deal!

Aparna Anand

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