Answer These 5 Questions Before You Purchase Your Daily Face Cleanser

When you go to purchase your face cleaner from a shop, the last thing you should get impressed by is its packaging, colour and shape. With plethora of options available in the market, you are bound to get confused and end up buying an inappropriate face wash for your skin type.

In fact, a face cleanser which you use every day plays a major role in making your facial skin soft, supple and clean. If it does not make you feel good then the face wash is not for you even if it has worked for others.


5 Questions That You Should Answer Before You Purchase Your Daily Face Cleanser

Your skin requirements are as unique as you are. Thus, your choice should also be based on your individual needs. These 5 questions will answer the perfect face cleanser for you.

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1. Is It Matching Your Skin Type?

This question is often ignored by us and we tend to blindly rely upon a particular brand. A face wash that is made for dry skin may wreak havoc for an oily skin. Thus the most important consideration is to understand your skin type and make a choice accordingly. You can fall into the category of oily skin, dry skin or normal skin. But over and above this there are other bifurcations like combination skin or sensitive skin.


2. Are You Exploring All Products Matching Your Skin Type?

Once you find out that your skin is oily, you need not pick up a daily face cleanser which reads as “for oily skin”. Again your usage may be different. May be you apply more make up or you need to remain more in sun. In such circumstances you should consider those cleansers which meet your unique needs also.

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3. Are You Reading The Labels Before Buying?

Of course the selection of your daily face cleanser is not a routine activity; once you choose the perfect face wash you can remain loyal to it for long. Thus, putting efforts in understanding its contents and its benefits is necessary. It might happen that it contains some ingredient which does not suit your skin or you might be allergic to it. In that scenario, you can avoid even trying that cleanser which has unsuitable contents.

4. Are You Giving Weightage To Organic Face Cleansers Over Cosmetic Ones?

Your facial skin may not have long life if you treat it with chemical and artificial cosmetics. At this juncture, it is important you give importance to those products which are prepared organically and contain natural herbs and is an eco-friendly product. So, avoid that face wash with scented fragrances, heavy soap content and harmful chemicals; even though they belong to a well-known brand.

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5. Are You Buying Others Opinion?

This could be a double edged sword. On one hand everyone has a different and unique requirement from their face cleansers and thus it might not be always beneficial to follow others. But some importance should be given to user’s feedback also. If someone had a genuinely bad experience with their cleanser then you would definitely not want to give it a try. Thus, take your own decision after analysing a general opinion.

We hope that answers to these questions may help you in easing your quest for that perfect face cleanser. A good face cleanser can go a long way in keeping the brilliance of your facial skin intact.

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