Amp Up Your Sex Appeal with Buttock Augmentation

Who doesn’t want a sexy butt? Everyone, of course! But achieving a pair of tight, round and perky buttocks and that too only with healthy diet and regular workout is somehow a tough job. Then, what is the solution? A cosmetic surgery called buttock augmentation. Interested to know more? Here we go:

What is Buttock Augmentation?

Buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure in which the buttocks are enhanced as well as reshaped by either inserting an implant within the butt or transferring the natural fatty tissue from other body parts of the patients to it. The process basically focuses on the gluteal area of a patient in order to make it bigger and uplifted. As a result, she obtains an enviable buttock profile.

Different Types

The technique of buttock augmentation can be divided into the following two categories:

  • Buttock Implant Surgery – If you have a slim structure with not so much additional body fat, implants would be the best choice for you. It also gives a perfect round shape to the buttocks and makes them look fuller.
  • Autologous Fat Transfer – If you just have gone through a dramatic weight loss and trying to get rid of sagging skin on your gluteal area, you should opt for autologous fat transfer or fat grafting.It will reshape your butt and contour the lower back part of your body efficiently.

How Does It Work?

  • In case of buttock implant surgery, an incision is made along the natural crease of the butt or in any other location depending on the requirements of the patient and a snug pocket is made inside the organ. The soft silicone implant is positioned within it in such a way that it rests right above the pelvic bone as well as below the gluteal muscle. Finally, the incision is closed with the help of sutures.
  • In case of autologous fat transfer, fatty tissue is liposuctioned from a certain body part (hips, thighs, tummy, or anything else) and processed methodically. Three small incisions are made across the buttocks through which the processed fat is reinjected in them. After a smooth linear deposit of fat, the incisions are closed with sutures.

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Ideal Candidates

An ideal candidate for buttock augmentation should have a good health, fit body, healthy lifestyle, no smoking habit, minimum to lots of excess body fat, positive attitude and realistic approaches toward cosmetic surgery.


  • You get a beautifully shaped booty in place of flat, sagging ugly buttocks. The effects are long-lasting.
  • The lower part of your body is contoured nicely, which results into a more balanced appearance.
  • You might experience fluid draining from the incisions for the first few days and hence, you have to carry drainage tubes to avoid any mess up. However, it will stop within 1 week.

Recovery Time

You have to take complete rest during the first two weeks after the surgery. After that, you can resume your day-to-day activities. But make sure that you start any sort of strenuous activities only after 8 weeks or so.

Risks and Side Effects

Some common risks and side effects of buttock augmentation are pain, swelling, infection, allergies, bleeding, scarring, seroma, hematoma, anesthetic reactions, numbness, asymmetry, implant distortion, implant shifting, fat absorption, and so on.

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  • Gives firmer, rounder and perkier booty, which is long-lasting.
  • Makes your curves look more feminine and sensual.
  • Creates a proportionate lower part that matches with rest of the body.
  • Gives better fit for bottom wear.


The cost of the procedure usually ranges between $8,000 and $9,000.

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