8 Amazing Health Benefits of Carom Seeds

Carom seeds, Bishop’s weed or ajwain is actually a fruit pod that appears like a seed. It is brown-grey in color and has a really strong flavor. Carom seeds are commonly used to aid digestion. They are either chewed after a heavy meal or are added to foods that are difficult to digest. But the amazing health benefits of carom seeds do not end here. Read on to find out more.

Carom Seeds

1. Carom seed oil as a pain reliever

The essential oil that is extracted from carom seeds helps in pain relief. Massage your body regularly with carom seed essential oil and it will provide immense relief from arthritis and joint pains.

2. Carom Seed oil to cure common cold

Carom seed oil is a decongestant. Applying carom seed oil on the nose, throat and chest will relieve any kind of congestion due to cold.

3. Carom seed oil for Ear Infection relief

Carom seed oil is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It has for long been applied inside the ears as a home remedy for curing any ear infection.

4. Carom seeds help in Digestion 

Chewing on some carom seeds after a heavy meal is said to help in digestion. It does so by increasing the quantity of the digestive enzymes that are produced in the stomach, thereby speeding up the digestive process. It also is helpful to cure dysentry. Drinking carom seeds water, which is water in which a a tsp of carom seeds are boiled until the quantity of water reduces to half relieves indigestion and flatulence.

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5. Carom seeds are anti-inflammatory

Carom seeds are anti-inflammatory and that property of the seeds is used to cure muscle spasms and pain in the joints. They are among the main ingredients in many pain relieving ointments. They are also widely used to relieve symptoms of migraine and headaches.

If you are suffering from a bad headache, roast some carom seeds in a pan and sniff the fumes that emerge from it for an instant relief. The anti-inflammatory nature of the seeds is the reason it also cures hiccups. If you are suffering from a bout of hiccups, chew a tsp of carom seeds and follow it up with a few gulps of a glass of water.

6. Carom seeds for bleeding gums

Massaging the gums with a tsp of ground carom seeds paste is said to relive bleeding gums and also strengthen the gums.

7. Carom seeds for a healthy heart

Thymol and niacin which are present in carom seeds make it an excellent ingredient to help in keeping the heart healthy by improving circulation. On a daily basis, drink water in which carom seeds were boiled for a healthier heart. Drinking this water also helps in improving digestion and reducing cholesterol, thereby leading to weight loss, all of which help in making your heart happy.

8. Carom seeds for kidney stones

Having a mixture of half a tsp of carom seeds with  equal quantities of honey and vinegar on a daily basis for a fortnight will help dissolve the kidney stones.

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