Amazing Blueberry Face Masks That Makes Your Skin Glowing

In India, blueberry may not be quite a popular fruit but in western nations, it definitely comes in abundance. Used in salads, cakes and more, blueberry is also loaded with multiple nutritious components that are not only good for health and fitness but also amazing in daily beauty regimes. Here we will be discussing about some face masks to try out with blueberry that will easily add glow and shine to your face. But before we start off with the beauty solutions, let’s take a look through the benefits of blueberry at a glance.


Benefits of Using Blueberry

Blueberry is excellently loaded with various types of vitamins and fiber that are crucial for good health.

The fruit is also known to be rich in antioxidants which work wonder on skin problems such as acne, pimples, rashes, blemishes, skin tan, blisters and more.

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Its high vitamin content helps in prevention of skin cell breakage and damage successfully. It also plays a big role in keeping the blood vessels strong and sturdy.

For oily skin problem also, blueberry is remarkably effective. It helps normalize the oil content in skin, thus giving you a healthy looking skin.

The antioxidant properties of blueberry add to the firmness of skin, making it look younger, glowing and devoid of wrinkles.

Blueberry Face Masks

Blueberry Beauty Face Masks to Try Out

Getting a fresh and flawless skin is no more a tough task at all. Instead of spending a lot in parlors and salons to enhance your beauty, try the following homemade face masks that are sure to make you look at your best within weeks.

1. Honey and blueberry mask: Grind the blueberries into a smooth paste. Add honey and olive oil to it and blend together to make it smooth. Apply it on your face and dry for 25-30 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water to get glowing skin.

2. Aloe vera and blueberry mask: Scoop some aloe vera gel and mix it with blueberries to form a smooth and soft paste. Apply it on your face and neck and leave to dry. Wash off after 20-25 minutes to get radiant skin within minutes.

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3. Lemon and blueberry mask: Squeeze some lemon juice into mashed blueberry paste. Blend together and use it on your face. Wash off after it dries off to admire a tan free glowing look.

4. Yogurt and blueberry mask: Another mask that you can use to get rid of those patchy tans and sunburns is blueberry blended with yogurt. It not only cleans the face but also removes all dark spots thoroughly if regularly used.

5. A combined blueberry mask: In professional spas and salons also, you will find blueberry masks that are blended with various other ingredients to make it more effective and interesting. You can blend in blueberry with rosewater, honey, turmeric, yogurt and more to make a smooth paste. Apply it on face, neck and hands to avail young and lustrous skin tone at ease.

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