Alluring Skin with Alcohol Facials

Do you want to look your best for that special day? Do you want to emulate the glowing skin of models on cover page?
Now it is no longer a dream. You can show off that lustrous, scintillating skin and become the centre of attraction. All you need to do is pamper your skin with alcohol facial.

Alcohol Facials

The benefits of beer for hair care are quite well known. Now the benefits of alcohol get extended to your skin too. Although alcohol consumption may not be good for your skin, but of course there is no harm for external usage. At the same time, it is not a regular use product but a once in a blue moon way to make your skin feel special.

Some of the Most Effective Alcohol Facials

Remember, whenever you use alcohol on your skin, always team it up with other ingredients to make it more effective. Only alcohol may not be too nice for your skin and you may not get the desired results.

1. Facial With Beer:

The frothiness in beer can help your cracked skin to heal faster. It is also believed that beer can help your skin to get the much needed vitamin B. In order to prepare a pack for beer facial, you have to mix 2-3 tablespoons of bear along with honey and few drops of vinegar. The result from this facial is unmatchable.

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2. Facial with Scotch:

It is highly recommended for those who have acne outbursts. It is highly antiseptic in nature and can evaporate really fast from your skin. To prepare this facial pack your will have to mix milk powder along with lemon juice for a while and in the end you can add dash of Scotch whisky. Your skin will show instant glow and feel light and healthy.

Alcohol Facials

3. Facial with Wine:

As we know the process of wine making which, involves a lot of fermentation. Fermentation is beneficial for skin as it helps in cleansing the skin in and out. You can make the pack along with the natural wonder Aloe Vera. Mix them in equal proportion. Your face will look relaxed and it will also lend a youthful skin.

Though it can be expensive but the results will justify its value. It will make your special day most memorable.

However, when you use alcohol you should know that it is not highly recommended for dry skin. At the most one should check on other hands or arms before trying on face.

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