Airbrush Makeup Tips for Beginners

Human mind always craves for perfection. Thus, it keeps inventing machines which could bring the perfect result. It goes in the makeup industry too. The perfection seeking mind of makeup maestros paved way for airbrush. Defying the conventional method of sponge, hand and brush makeup, airbrush sprays makeup to make the person look perfect. If you too want to get hooked to the smarter way of makeup and looking for some easy tips, read on… This article comprises all the tricks and tips which would simplify the use of airbrush makeup for you.

  1. Airbrush works with the theory of air pressure; hence, before you start putting on real makeup with it on your face, you must practice with water. It will help you in getting familiar with its different settings and knowing more about features of airbrush compressor and gun.Airbrush Makeup
  2. Before you start applying airbrush makeup, tie your hair. This’ll prevent your hair from getting drenched in colors of makeup.
  3. Another important advice to rightly use airbrush is to keep your wrist steady. It’ll help you in even spray of the makeup.
  4. Air that comes out from the compressor can work as a guide for you, as makeup spray follows this air.
  5. When you are spraying makeup with help of airbrush on your face, you must keep your hand continuously in motion otherwise you would end up putting too much makeup in one area while less in other areas. This’ll look like a patchy makeup. It is also suggested to maintain the same speed of hand movements to avoid patchiness. Airbrush will show its best results if it is used in a circular motion.

    Note – if you are using airbrush for the purpose of highlighting, move your hand from inward direction to outward direction.

  6. Another crucial point to consider while using airbrush is distance of brush from face. If you want a concentrated look or sun tanned look, you should keep the brush little closer to your face.
  7. If you are using airbrush to apply makeup bases such as foundation and concealer, you should uniformly spray it on every part of your face. Sometimes, people tend to over spray these bases which look like ‘hot spot’ on thick makeup. And also, over spraying of concealer and foundation doesn’t allow your makeup to dry up faster.

    Note- While applying makeup on facial area, do not let your neck forgo. Without makeup it’ll create a huge contrast in your skin tone which will not look beautiful in any case.

  8. Airbrush comes packed with brushes of different sizes. Hence, if you want to use it with the purpose of hiding facial blemishes and spots, use a short brush. This will work more effectively in such purposes. A few make up experts also suggest hiding these spots firstly with help of sponge based makeup and following the procedure with airbrush makeup.
  9. If you are applying airbrush makeup on someone else’s face, instruct the person to not keep her eyes tightly closed. Airbrush makeup brings the best result with relaxed facial muscles, as it diminishes the chances of formation of makeup borne wrinkles.
  10. To keep your airbrush in a good condition for long, pay attention to its cleaning. Neither should you leave any trace of make up on your brush nor in the airbrush gun. Almost every makeup artist advices to clean airbrush and its gun immediately after use to avoid clogging.
  11. For the best cleaning of airbrushes, you should use a cleaning fluid which has the same base as the airbrush has. For example, to clean an airbrush that works with water based makeup products, water based cleaning fluid works best.

Although, airbrush makeup is often considered as a professional’s art but with these tips, you can include this state of the art makeup in your regular beauty regime too.

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