Acne Skin Care Regimen for Combination Skin

Proper skin care is essentially important to keep it healthy and supple. With pollution, weather and other external factors, our skin tends to become dry and scratchy easily. It is recommended by dermatologists and professional experts that everyone should indulge in some cleanup regime to enjoy youthful and nourished skin. 

Easy Acne Care Regimes for Combination Skin

Keeping your skin pollution free and clean is the first rule to ensure less skin disease. However with regular exposure to sun rays and dust for varied purposes, it is truly a tough task to accomplish for modern masses. No need to rush for beauty parlor frequently; this acne care regimen can be done at home. To help you better, here we have listed some of the basic acne skin care regime that you must follow for combination skin type.

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Exfoliate Your Skin Thoroughly: Start your day with a proper exfoliating skin care process that will help get rid of your facial dead cells, resulting in glowing fresh look. Opt for a good exfoliate cream or lotion that has the ability to slough off all bacterial deposits or impurities deeply. It also helps erase off all dullness and restore the original skin texture in an easy and effortless way. Moreover, if your exfoliation cream has glycolic acid presence, it will also help fight decoration, pigmentation and signs of aging in an effective way.

Acne Skin Care Regimen for Combination Skin

Pimple and Blemish Treatment: The second step to skin care regimen for acne prone combination skin is to ensure spot treatment for blemishes and pimples. To avoid red patches and spots on facial areas such as cheeks and chin, indulge in a proactive spot treatment that targets the pores and prevents outburst of blemishes. Apply it on your face as per instruction and fight off all blemishes successfully.

Moisturize Your Skin: The third step of beautiful and flawless skin is to keep it moisturized from within. A healthy skin looks naturally slowing and nourished, thus enhancing your look by leaps. It also hydrates your skin and eradicates all dullness instantly. Regular moisturization also assists in shielding against future acne break outs due to pollution and dirt.

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Face wash for a clean look: As you return home after a tired day, make sure to wash your face, neck, hands and other uncovered areas properly. Use a good face wash to refresh your skin from all external contamination and toxin elements. According to skin experts, polluted and dirty skin is the prime cause for acne origin.

Handy face wipes: Finally, it is suggested that you keep face wipes in your hand bag. Whether you feel your skin becoming sweaty or oily, use it to get not only refreshed skin instantly but also moisturize it.

Various acne skin care lotions and creams are also available over the counter that can also help fight this skin problem. In case of excessive acne difficulty, it is advised that you consult a good dermatologist to be guided and assisted in the best manner.

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