9 Important Factors to Consider Before Coloring Your Hair

Planning to color your hair? That’s awesome! But have you considered all those important factors that can either make or break the look of your dyed tresses? If not, then it is high time to take those into account. We have prepared a list of such 9 vital points. Just take a look:

Important Factors to Consider Before Coloring Your Hair

1. Lighter Shades are Damaging

Going lighter than the actual shade of the hair means stripping the color out of the cortex of the hair shafts. It makes use of harsher chemical compounds like bleach. So, getting blonde highlights are extremely damaging for your tresses.

2. ‘Virgin Hair’ is Less Damage-Prone

Virgin hair is healthy hair, which is yet to be treated with heat, chemical and color. The healthier your hair is, the better your color will look on it. So, use deep conditioning treatments frequently and restore the health of your hair as you plan to get it colored.

3. Washing Beforehand Can Hurt

Cleansing and washing your hair with shampoo prior to coloring may burn your scalp to a large extent. It is just perfect to keep the hair as it is by doing nothing to it, if you have a plan for coloring. You can even visit the salon with dirty hair.

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4. Immediate Conditioning is Bad

It is of no wonder that the process of coloring will make your hair dry, rough and damaged. But you must control your temptation of conditioning it right after returning the home. Or else, your color will fade away very soon. A span of minimum 7 days is always recommended.

5. Color-Protection is Vital

Protecting the color is important in order to keep your hair beautiful in long run. Fortunately, various color-protective products available in the market serve this purpose well. Being rich in essential fatty acids and void of sulphates or surfactants, they act gentler on the hair lock the color into the shafts.

6. Ammonia Can Affect Your Hair

Even a few years ago, most of the hair coloring products used to contain ammonia, a chemical compound extremely harmful for our hair. However, the scenario has changed drastically and almost 80 percent of today’s hair colors are known to be ammonia-free.

Important Factors to Consider Before Coloring Your Hair

7. Length of the Hair Matters

While fine or shoulder-length hair can be dyed without any worry, you must take extra care for coloring tresses longer or thicker than usual. If your hair is thick or long, you will have to use larger amount of color to saturate it fully and the time needed to complete the process will also be longer.

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8. Texture of the Hair Matters

You also need to take the texture of your hair into account prior to getting it colored. If it is fine or thin, it will not absorb much color and hence, will be processed fast. On the other hand, coarse hair shafts will sop up greater quantity of dye, thereby making the entire method highly time-consuming.

9. Frequency Varies with Process

How frequently you should visit the salon after getting your hair colored is depended upon the process itself. In case of a single method featuring a totally new shade, you must get in touch with your stylist every 4 weeks, while in case of highlights, it can be as long as 8 weeks.

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