8 Ways to Say ‘Good Bye’ to Travel Sickness

There are many people who can never enjoy the fun and excitement of a long journey due to travel sickness or motion sickness. As soon as their vehicles get going, they start feeling extremely uncomfortable, which might result into nausea or even vomiting. If you are one among them, this article is exclusively for you. Check out 8 trickiest ways to get rid of this condition:

Travel Sickness

1. Keep Yourself Filled

Well, you might have heard that eating enough before traveling leads to motion sickness. But the truth is that it is absolutely wrong. If your stomach is empty, you will end up vomiting more. Hence, keep yourself filled while setting off.

2. Pick Foods Wisely

You can’t eat just anything and everything for filling your stomach prior to the journey. It is always recommended that you stay away from hot and spicy foods at this time. If there are certain foods which make you more nauseous, try to avoid them. Also, try not to smoke or drink (including alcohol) while traveling.

3. Opt for the Right Seat

Whatever your medium of travel is, make sure that you choose the right seat for yourself. There are certain places, such as the front seat of a car, the wing seat of an airplane and the upper deck of a ship, which help passengers not to experience extreme motion. So, try to find a seat at these places and keep your motion sickness away.

Travel Sickness

4. Maintain Appropriate Posture

When it comes to traveling, your own postures and positions can turn out to be your biggest enemy. Always sit straight facing the direction in which the vehicle is moving. If it becomes tough for you, at least keep your head straight. Looking out is also good as long as you are fixing your eyes at the horizon.

5. Keep Your Books Aside

Do you love to read while sitting on a vehicle? It might be one of the reasons for your travel sickness. As it needs you to bend down and fix your eyes on the pages of the book, it can make you more prone to vomiting. Therefore, keep your books aside and look in front of you.

6. Distract Yourself

It is another great way to avoid motion sickness. The more you become able to divert your mind from the thought of sickness, the more you feel well and good. Keep yourself busy by listening to your favorite music or playing fun travel games. If none of these suits you, simply close your eyes and sleep.

7. Keep OTC Medicines Handy

There are more than a few OTC (over-the-counter) drugs in the market, which can be taken for coping with motion sickness. If you are not aware of them, just consult your family physician and he / she will prescribe the same for you.

8. Use ‘Scopolamine Patch’

Scopolamine is basically a ‘tropane alkaloid drug’, which is available in the market as a transdermal patch. It needs to be put on right at the back the ear to work against the frequent motion that causes trouble to our inner ear. As a result, we can avoid travel sickness successfully.

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