8 Ways to Prevent Skin Damage Caused by Makeup

Are you a makeup addict? Love to put your cosmetics on even while going for grocery shopping? Well, you may don’t have any idea about how much damage you are causing to your skin. Chemical cosmetics available in the market usually thwart our skin pores from breathing and lead to severe skin problems. If you want to prevent damage to your skin from makeup, the following practices will help you a lot:

Prevent Skin Damage Caused by Makeup

1. Choose Natural Makeup

First of all, change your preference and go for natural makeup products. Nowadays, most of the regular cosmetics contain parabens which, being harmful chemical preservatives, can take a toll on our overall health and well-being. Natural makeup products comprise plant ingredients, which are absolutely good for our health and can keep our skin intact.

2. Invest in Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is also a great alternative to general chemical cosmetics. Being based on natural minerals, these makeup products consist of quite a few amazing components that take part in improving the appearance of our skin instead of aggravating the cells badly. So, make it a point to spend on mineral makeup products only.

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3. Pick Cosmetics with Sun Protection

All your makeup products should come with excellent sun protection. Studies have revealed that the UVB or ultraviolet B (short rays) of the sun can cause damage to our skin cells to a great extent. They can speed up our ageing process and even lead to skin cancer. Hence, buy only cosmetics with 15 or higher Sun Protection Factor (SPF). The more the SPF, the better the protection.

Sun Protection

4. Opt for Pearl Powder

According to Chinese skin care secret, pearl can play a key role in maintaining the health of our skin. It has been found that using pearl powder as the base of your makeup can help you prevent damage to your skin caused by chemicals. It coats the surface layer of the skin and puts a stop to various external ageing factors.

5. Remove Makeup at Night

Never ever go to sleep with makeup on your face. Also, do not just blot the cosmetics out of your face with a tissue. Get a good quality makeup remover and make it a habit to take your makeup off every night. You can also wipe your face with jojoba oil in order to cleanse the skin completely by unclogging the pores and averting bacterial attack.

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6. Exfoliate the Skin Often

Sometimes, the makeup residues go into our open skin pores and result into ugly breakouts. If you want to avoid it, exfoliate your skin at least twice every week. You can either buy a gentle facial scrub or simply prepare one by mixing sour milk with oatmeal. It would remove all traces of makeup from your face along with the dead cell layer.

Exfoliate the Skin Often

7. Follow Cleansing with Moisturizing

Make sure that you use an anti-ageing moisturizer on your face after removing makeup from it. Try to choose products that are rich in ingredients like Manuka Honey, CynergyTK, and so on. These can repair our damaged skin tissues and keep them hydrated. As a result, our entire skin gets rejuvenated.

8. Replace Makeup Twice a Year

Last but not the least; keep changing your makeup products. It is advised that you replace your old cosmetics every 6 months and maintain the health of your skin. Or else, your skin will develop bacterial colonies and get ruined completely.

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