8 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Soap for Cleansing

Have you ever thought that your regular soap can cause dryness and itchy feeling to your skin? Yes it is true. Your regular soap has some harmful chemicals in the form of artificial fragrances and colors that can damage your skin. With so many polluting elements present in the environment do we really need some more to harm our body?

Here are some facts about soaps

It is most commonly used cleanser.

It is a mixture of fats (animal or vegetable fat), oils and salt.

Caustic Soda is normally used for preparing soap. It is generally used to remove old paints from metal surface for reprinting it. So you can imagine Caustic Soda’s harmful effects on our skin.

8 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Soap for Cleansing

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Want to know more about the damaging effects that soap can have on your skin? Here are the effects…

Harmful Effects of soap on skin

1. Damages skin

Soap damages the stratum corneum which is the outer most layer of your skin which gives you protection against the outside world. Prolonged use of soap depletes the oil production capacity of your skin so your skin loses the glow and beauty.

2. Extracts oil from the skin

It affects the lipid richness of stratum corneum making your skin dry and itchy.

Continuous use of soap depletes the capacity of your body to produce the body oils that give your skin the glow and beauty you desire.

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3. Lowers skin immune system

As lipids presence in your stratum corneum maintains your skin’s immune system, in absence of it, your skin can not fight against the harmful viruses and bacteria.

4. Destroys good bacteria

Soap kills good bacteria living on your skin that fights against the microbes or bad bacteria.

8 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Soap for Cleansing

5. Removes Vitamin D from the skin

It can remove Vitamin D from your skin which is created when your skin get exposed to UVB radiation.

6. Blocks skin pores

The fatty acids present in soap can block your skin pores, causing acne.

7. Disturbs natural pH balance

Salts present in soap are basically alkaline in nature as a result it will raise skin’s acidic pH balance.

8.   Affects your love life

Yes it is true. Soaps can affect your love life too. Pheromones, a chemical present in your sweat that attracts opposite sex, may get removed from your skin by soap.

Now you decide if you ever want to use soap for cleansing.

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