8 Natural Homemade Sunscreen Recipes

Sunscreen is used to keep skin safe and tan-free from the harmful rays of sun. But do you know that most of commercial sunscreens sponsor health hazards? They contain large quantity of chemicals such as Avobenzon, PABA and Benzophenon. These chemicals are highly dangerous for your body’s DNA as these are essentially mutagens which damage DNA. How about the idea of making an organic sunscreen? You can make natural chemical free sunscreen at your home. The article enlists 8 wonderful recipes of homemade sunscreen –

1. Almond & Olive Oil Recipe

This sunscreen lotion is based on goodness of almond oil/olive oil. Both these oils are rich sources of vitamin E.

Ingredients – ½ cup olive oil/almond oil, ¼ coconut oil, ¼ cup beeswax, 2 tablespoon zinc oxide, 1 tablespoon vitamin E oil.

Note – Zinc oxide is a natural sun protection agent which has a SPF rating of 20+.

Method – Place all the ingredients (excluding zinc oxide) in a jar and place the jar in pan filled with boiling water. Take care that water doesn’t get inside the jar. The heat of water will make jar ingredients to melt. Once, all the ingredients of the jar are completely melted, mix zinc oxide into. Mix it nicely to get zinc oxide completely incorporated into the sunscreen mix. Allow it to cool and store it in a wide mouth small jar. Your sunscreen is ready.


2. Shea butter Recipe  

There are numerous natural products which contain great sun safeguarding abilities. One of them is Shea butter. This is not only a great moisturizer but also a wonderful natural sunscreen. Apply this cream on your entire body to block harmful effects of sunrays. But refrain using it if you are getting exposed to too much of sun.

3. Natural Body Lotion Zinc Oxide Recipe

This is faster version of sunscreen. Get a bottle of any natural body lotion which doesn’t contain any citrus oil and mix the entire lotion with two table spoon of zinc oxide. Your sunscreen will be ready in a jiffy.

4. Coconut Oil Recipe

Nature’s basket is full of miraculous items. Coconut oil is one of them. Known for its hair nourishing ability, this oil also incorporates great sunscreen abilities. Know how you can use it as sun proof lotion or cream.

Ingredients – 1 cup pure melted coconut oil, ½ cup Shea moisturizer, ½ cup zinc oxide, ½ cup filtered water

Method – put all the ingredients in a jar and blend all the ingredients with help of a blender till the moment it turns out in one single product. Once everything is blended, store it in a jar and keep at a cool place. This sunscreen can be used to defy harms of harsh sun too.

5. Vitamin E Oil and Essential oil Recipe

Mix aromatic essential oils with zinc oxide and get a sunscreen that not only saves you from sun tanning but also makes you feel good with its sweet scent.

Ingredients – ¾ cup Raspberry seed oil, ¼ cup beeswax, 2 tablespoon Shea butter, 20-30 drops your favorite essential oil and 2 table spoon non nano zinc oxide, vitamin E oil

Method – Put all the ingredients in a jar excluding zinc oxide, vitamin E oil and essential oil. Now keep this jar in pot filled with hot water (like recipe no.1) to melt ingredients. Once ingredients in jar are completely melted, add zinc oxide and blend it this the moment zinc oxide completely mixes. Now add essential oil and vitamin E oil and mix nicely. This sunscreen stays intact minimum for 6 months and with numerous sun guarding agents such as raspberry seed oil (SPF 30), Shea butter and Zinc Oxide, this mix makes for a very effective sunscreen lotion.

6. Soy Oil & Sea Emollient Recipe

With the goodness of Sea emollients and soy oil, this natural sunscreen is highly effective in making skin texture better as well as blocking sun rays.

Ingredients – Soy Oil 27g, sea emollients 30g, Vitamin E  in Acetate powder form 1g,  9 grams of ecithin Powder , zinc oxide 22.5 g, 0.5 grams of grape seed extract.

Method – Melt oil and mix every product one by one into it. Start from ecithin Powder and keep blending other ingredients till the mix gets a creamy look. This is the formulae of a great sunscreen which simply disappears on your skin but keeps it safe from sun.

7. Tea Leaves Recipe

Do you know that a great sunscreen resides in your kitchen? Tea leaves are wonderful sun blocking agent. Take two table spoons of tea leaves and soak it in half cup of water over night. Separate water and leaves in the morning with help of a sieve. This water is a very impactful sun blocker. Now store this water in a bottle and keep it in refrigerator for longer use.

8. Germ Oil Recipe

Wheat Germ Oil is used to nourish skin but this oil is a great sunscreen in its raw form. With natural SPF quotient of 20, this oil works perfectly as a sun proofing lotion.

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