Eat to Beat Stress – 8 Healthy Foods That Reduce Stress and Depression

Did you know one can be relieved from stress by making a certain addition and subtractions to their diet?

Several dieticians recommend that individuals should first concentrate on avoiding the intake of certain foods. Firstly foods or drinks that when consumed offers one’s mental as well as physical state an imbalanced high or low, should be avoided, like alcohol or caffeine. Studies show how individuals tend to serve their appetite with sugary treats when they are involved in any stressful circumstances, however such a practise instead of helping the situation may just worsen it more. The reason been such sugary consumption takes the graph of blood sugar on a ride and then suddenly drops down, making you low on energy levels.

Food for Stress Management
However one can flavour their diet with several food types which will satisfy their appetite as well as act as a stress buster.

1. A glass full of Milk – A great resource of several essential elements needed by our body like proteins, calcium, vitamins namely B2 and B12 along with several antioxidants. Such elements are found in abundant quantities in milk. Begin your day with a healthy breakfast comprising of a combination of milk and whole grain cereals and become well equipped to fight stress.

2. A few Almonds – If one is in a desperate need to eat something while coping with stress, almonds are a good choice. Spend your aggression while crunching these almonds. Almonds are the rich source of magnesium, vitamins like B2 and E, zinc etc. Studies refer of vitamin E to fight stress, specially the facets of stress that may lead to heart diseases.

3. Asparagus – Folic acid is observed to control one’s mood swings, one can derive their share of folic acid via the asparagus. There is a strategy that runs behind our mood changes wherein the chemical called serotonin is needed in humans for building up a positive mood. Such chemical is produced adequately when one consumes enough minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin B and folic acid.

4. Crispy and healthy snacking options – One can find their source of vitamin B and folic acid to fight stress in rice cereal or cornflakes. One may combine such cereals with milk and follow their breakfast regime; similarly one may consume it as a snack in dry form.

5. Wonderful blueberries – Consume blueberries whichever way one might choose to eat, be it the berries alone or add cottage cheese to your snack. Blue berries have several essential elements like higher levels of fiber, high on antioxidants, and most importantly a rich source of vitamin C that fight stress.

6. Keep a few Nuts handy- It is advised that nuts are to be consumed adequately in order to keep low on calories however they may act as great stress busters. Nuts are a rich source of magnesium, and control cortisol levels by keeping them low, owing to which it further controls one’s stress levels.

7. Healthy broccoli – Add broccoli in your diet, and consume it as a raw salad or flavour it the way you may like. Been rich in folic acid it fights several stress symptoms like depression, anxiety, etc.

8. Tuna- You can have tuna in your lunch in order to put aside your stresses. It has the potentiality to combat with stress as it is equipped with vitamin B6 and B12. It is also known as the low fat protein source.

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