8 Easy but Effective Tips to Condition Your Hair Correctly

The basic requirement of beautiful hair is its proper cleaning and conditioning. But surprisingly, this is the most over-looked hair care regime too. A good hair-cleaning is always associated with well hair-conditioning.

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Hair conditioning is not just a drill of application of a dollop of conditioner on your hair and washing it off. It is a crucial cleaning step to make your hair strands stronger. Considering the importance of conditioning in your hair-care regime, Beautyglimpse offers you some valuable tips on ‘how to condition your hair correctly.’

1. Conditioning is always done after shampooing. Hence, you must thoroughly clean your hair and scalp before you condition it.

Note – You should always use a mild shampoo to clean your hair. A harsh shampoo can make your tresses dull and luster less. If you put oil to your hair before cleaning it, you can get better results.

2. Post cleaning, you can use a conditioning liquid or hair masque. However, many beauty brands separately sell their conditioner and hair masque as stage 2 and stage 3 hair care products.

3. Conditioning is a process which detangles your hair strands and makes them smoother. To do it correctly, you should take a spoonful of conditioner on your palm and apply it possible on every hair from scalp to end.  Gently massage you hair for two to three minutes and then wash it off. You’ll find a tangle-less smoother hair.

Note – make sure that no trace of hair conditioner is left on your scalp and hair. It’ll make your hair oily and chemicals of conditioner can cause damage to your scalp surface after coming in contact with sweat.

4.  Since conditioning is not supposed to have lasting effect, application of hair masque can give a healthy boost to your hair.

This is a generic hair-conditioning process but if you have fine or chemically-treated hair, you should take extra care while conditioning your hair. Scroll down to get the conditioning tips of fine hairs –

5. Thinner hair strands tend to lose moisture faster than normal or thick hairs. Therefore, people with fine hairs need more hydrating element than others. To provide the best moisture to such hair type, hair experts suggest a pre-shampoo oil treatment.

Note – you can use an essential oil or a vitamin-e enriched plant oil. It is always better to use a light oil to massage hair; such oils penetrate deeper into hair roots. This offers sheer hydration to the hair stands and makes it stronger.

6. After oiling your hair, you should wash excess oil off. Use an herbal or curative shampoo for this purpose.

7. After shampooing your hair, apply conditioner to your wet locks. While applying conditioner, take care that you are not touching your scalp. Now let the conditioner sink in your hair for around two minutes and then rinse your hair thoroughly.  You will get a thicker, bouncier and smoother hair.

8. To be on a safer side and avoid post-dry tangles of hair, you can use a live-in conditioner. This will make your hairs more manageable.

Note – To get the best conditioning results, you can opt for natural conditioners such as henna, lemon juice and vinegar. These elements make your hair great without involving any chemical.

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