8 Common Nighttime Beauty Habits to Break

All of us cheat in some way or the other everyday when it comes to our health and beauty regimen. Having a cookie when you claim you are on a diet, skipping the shampoo and applying talcum powder on the hair, sleeping ten minutes extra and cutting down on the exercise or sneaking in a dessert at the end of dinner on a workday. While once in a way, there is nothing wrong in doing this, it becomes a problem when it is done frequently. The same way, many of us in a bid to go and hit the bed after a long day, end up with some really bad night time habits night after night that can be bad for your beauty and your health. Go do yourself a favor and break away from these habits and do the right thing so that the next day you can rise and shine beautifully. Here are some common nighttime beauty habits to break.

8 Common Night Time Beauty Habits to Break

1. Loading up on Sugar after Dinner

When you eat sugary foods in the night, it shoots up your sugar levels and disturbs your sleep. Not just this, the sugars get deposited in your body as fat during the night. You certainly don’t want to add extra kilos simply to satisfy the sugar craving. So skip that cupcake and eat fruit instead.

2. Skipping Flossing and Brushing 

Flossing and Brushing

There are so many times many of us rinse our mouth with mouthwash and go to bed since we are too lazy to floss and brush our teeth. Remember that for the 8 hours that you are sleeping, your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and you do not want to encourage them with food particles stuck in your mouth. Not flossing regularly leads to the deposition of plaque between the teeth. So make sure that you brush and floss religiously every night.

3. Not removing Makeup before sleeping

Another big no-no. Make sure that you always remove makeup every night since it otherwise clogs your pores and does not allow your skin to breathe. Through the day, a lot of dirt and grime would have accumulated on your skin and it has a lot bacteria on it that causes infections and can lead to blackheads and acne. So make sure that you remove the make up with a good make up remover every night.

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4. Tying up your hair too tight 

woman sleeping

Do you comb your hair every night to improve circulation and end up tying it up too tight to prevent it from getting messy? That’s a mistake you are doing. Tying your hair tightly in the night causes your hairline to recede. If you must tie it, then do so in a loose braid and sleep without any tugging or tension in your hair.

5. Not changing pillowcases often  

Another unhealthy habit is that of the pillowcases not being changed often. They are a breeding ground of bacteria since you rest your head, complete with its oil and grime on the pillow case, night after night. Make sure you change pillowcases regularly. If you have oiled your hair overnight, top the pillow with a towel and sleep.

6. Bringing an electronic gadget to bed 

The backlight from your phone and tablets leads to a lot of strain in the eyes. Focusing on a backlit surface makes your senses sharper and your brain refuses to shut down. Before you know it, you are wide awake, while the actual reason you got to bed was to sleep. All of us need a good amount of sleep in the day to be rejuvenated, both physically and mentally. If you want to go to sleep without tossing and turning, then have a no gadget in the bedroom policy.

7. Not pampering your skin

applying hand cream beauty habit

Be sure to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin every night. Use a night cream that suits your skin type and plumps up your skin. Never forget to apply some lip balm too. If you have sensitive skin, use aloe vera gel with a drop of an essential oil like tea tree oil that will do a lot of good to your skin. Also, never forget to slather on some cream on your hands and legs since the night is the only time when they get some rest.

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8. Not sleeping enough 

We all need 6 to 8 hours of sleep to function well. Many celebrities claim that they make do with 4 or 5 hours, but they also invest so much more money to look the way they do. If you sleep for just 4 hours, you will wake up with puffy eyes and function like a zombie through the day. So make sure you turn in early, set an alarm and get your beauty sleep. Also, don’t hit the snooze button next morning but wake up when your alarm rings!

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