7 Ways to Get Rid of Pigmentation During Pregnancy

Pigmentation or skin discoloration is quite common in pregnant women. This specific skin condition, scientifically termed as ‘Melisma Gravidarum’ or ‘Chloasma Gravidarum’, can appear anywhere from your face to your lower abdominal area. While most of these blotches go away after a few months of delivery, some of them might remain unchanged. We are going to share with you 7 effective ways that would help you get rid of pigmentation during pregnancy:

Pigmentation During Pregnancy

1. Reduce Your Exposure to the Sun

The first and foremost condition for avoiding skin discoloration during pregnancy is to reduce sun exposure. The more you stay indoor, the more you can steer clear of pigmentation. According to experts, midday (from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) is the worst time to go out and you need to be as protective as possible during this phase. Always use a good quality sunblock cream having SPF 30 or more. A full-sleeve dress and a hat are also important to ensure the utmost protection.

2. Opt for Gentle Skincare Products

Your skin remains extremely sensitive throughout the pregnancy. Hence, make sure that you apply only beauty products that are gentle enough to your skin. From your facial cleanser to your night cream, nothing should have harsh effects. It is recommended that you stay away from trying new products during this phase as it might take a toll on your pigmentation and turn it even more awful.

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3. Make Less Use of Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is a certain mineral compound, which is used as an active ingredient in most of the skin lightening products available in the market. While the element can break down melanin and reduce pigmentation significantly, it can also take a toll on the outermost protective layer of our skin at the same time. So, try to keep a close eye on the ingredient labels of your skin care products and limit your use of hydroquinone.

4. Choose Hypoallergenic Products

As said before, our skin becomes highly delicate and susceptible during pregnancy, which makes us very much prone to allergies. So, while selecting pigmentation-reducing products for your skin, try to find out ones that are hypoallergenic. Be it your face wash or your makeup items, each and everything should go well with your skin without causing inflammation.

5. Pick Mild Peels for Facial Pigmentation

If facial pigmentation is something that is bothering you during pregnancy, pick a mild facial peel. You might have to go through a short course of peels to diminish pigmentation significantly as well as regenerate a fresh skin surface.

Pigmentation During Pregnancy

6. Increase Your Intake of Folic Acid

Several studies have proved that the deficiency of folate or folic acid in our body may trigger skin discoloration. Hence, try to boost your intake of folates by consuming more and more fresh green leafy veggies, whole grains, fruits, etc. If you wish, you can also discuss with your physician and start having a good folic acid supplement.

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7. Rely On Certain Medications

There are certain medications that can be used for getting rid of pigmentation during pregnancy. These include retinoic acid, azelaic acid, etc. However, you cannot purchase these drugs without a doctor’s prescription. So, make sure that you consult your physician prior to taking any of these medications for this purpose.

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