7 Stylish Ways for Women to Stay Safe in India

In India, safety of women is a prime problem that is faced in our daily life. With diverse crimes such as snatching, kidnapping and molestation growing at rapid speed, it has become extremely crucial that women take care about their safety individually. ‘Dress to defense’ with simple and stylish elements is the latest trend to bank on for handy helps in need. Below we have listed some of the stylish ways for women to stay safe in India without effort or worry.

1. Deodorants and perfumes: This is a must have for every girl in modern age. Almost every girl carries a deodorant in their handbag, especially in sweaty summer days. Apart from keeping you refreshed, deo can also help whip off unwanted attacks on you. Just spray it on the attackers face and get out of the place in a jiffy.

Deodorants and perfumes

2. High Heeled Shoes: Flaunt style with high pointed heels that no doubt add oodles of attitude. At the same time, these trendy heels can act as your safety device in need. From pencil heels to spiked shoes, women can select their footwear according to their personality, requirement and convenience.

High Heeled Shoes

3. Pepper spray keychains: To help girls stay safe in India, pepper spray keychains have gained immense popularity. Use this key chain as a stylish accessory your car which will also help you get rid of any nuisance and sudden danger.

Pepper spray keychains

4. Handbags: Girls have always been crazy about handbags, be it clutches, sling bags or shoulder ones. These bags not only enhance your sense of fashion in sync to your personality but also can be your defending weapon in need. Use your bag as your protection shield to whip off sudden dangers and attacks.


5. Safety Pins: Never though this small pin can save you from unwanted dangers? You have no idea what wonders a small safety pin can be when in danger. Prick the sharp end strongly to thrash away any attacker when travelling alone in India.

Safety Pins

6. Metallic junk jewelries: Go for the junky look with metallic necklaces, bracelets and finger rings which are very much stylish nowadays. These cool jewelries are not only chic in look but also can be your effective weapon to eradicate any troublesome intruder with a hard slash on the face.

Metallic junk jewelries

7. Hair Pin: Attack with sharp hair pin is the new trend of safety among Indian girls. Apart from being a simple hair pin to secure your tresses in a casual bun, hair pin has more benefits to it. Its pointed and sharp end can be used as a prompt weapon to defend you in sudden attacks. You will get to find various types of decorative hair pin in local markets.

Hair Pin

Apart from the above stated fashionable safety items to bank on, there are many more easily available accessories that Indian women can opt for in their daily dressing regime to not only stay fashionable and trendy but also safe and secured in India.


With more than 5 years of experience, Debolina Banerjee is a professional writer who has worked on various beauty topics.

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