7 Steps to Follow When Giving a Gharshana Massage

‘Gharshana’ (rubbing) is a traditional dry brushing Ayurvedic massage therapy intended for increasing the flow of energy within our body. This simple and fast massaging procedure comes with several benefits like stimulation, nourishment, elimination of ‘kapha’, improved complexion, better lymphatic circulation, and so on. Here is a 7-step Gharshana Massage technique that one can follow while massaging yourself or giving the massage to anybody else:

1. At first, the person who is going to get the massage needs to stand or sit upright on a wooden floor, chair or simply a piece of wood. It will provide utmost grounding and best results to him / her as this position facilitates the flow of energy in an incessant circle all through the body.

gharsana massage

2. Wash some salt and fresh lemon and start the massage from the hands towards the heart. Create circular motions from side to side on both front and back sides of hands, while putting emphasis on the gaps between fingers. Massage wrists in the similar way. Hit the surfaces of the forearms with backward and forward strokes. Again, massage the elbows in a circular motion and reach the shoulders gradually by applying backward and forward strokes on the upper arms. It will actually promote the systematic cleansing through stimulation and exfoliation.

3. Now, follow the circular motion and massage the upper shoulders as much efficiently as you can. The same motion should be carried on up to the upper back region. Go a little down until you reach the upper chest region, which is basically the ‘first lymphatic area’ of our body, and create crosswise strokes backward and forward so that it forms a ‘V’. However, Gharshana massage does not include the massaging of breast tissues.

gharsana massage

4. After the torso, it is time to massage the abdominal area. Start with creating parallel strokes that are opposite in direction and then switch to diagonal motion as you approach the groin. Being the ‘second lymphatic area’ of our body, groin needs some extra attention. So, be careful while continuing the diagonal motion towards the ribs and its adjacent area. After that, massage the lower back region in a circular motion.

5. At this step, you need to do the legs. Massage the feet by following an upward circular motion. Make sure that you apply the strokes from side to side while massaging the feet. Try to focus on the soles as well as the spaces between the toes. Cover the entire surface of lower legs by backward and forward strokes applied in a circular motion right from the ankles to the calves. Continue the same circular motion through the thighs up to the knees. Both hips and buttocks should also be massaged in the similar way.

gharsana massage

6. The last stage of Gharshana massage revolves around the massage of the face. Firstly, you need to massage the forehead in a backward and forward motion. Do the same for the chin, but gradually turn the strokes into circles as you go upward to the neck. For the eyebrow region and the edges of the nose, create back and forth strokes with the index fingers of your hands. Use only circular strokes for the cheeks and temple.

7. Now, you are done with your massage. Just take a warm shower and feel the difference!

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