7 Reasons Why You Should Take Beauty Nap

Sleep is vital to lead a healthy lifestyle. Inadequate rest and sleep puts your body at loss of energy. We are so used to the hustle and bustle of our everyday fast paced life that we forget, our body too needs its due course of rest. Our lives have become so monotonous, that after the morning wake up call, the only time we rest is when it’s time to sleep in the night. Isn’t it necessary to give the body and mind a short break? Doctors suggest a nap, anytime between 15 minutes to 30 minutes maximum as a way to build your energy levels and rest your body and mind. Read on to find out 7 reasons why should take beauty nap

7 Reasons Why You Should Take Beauty Nap

1.Improve your concentration and accuracy level

If you haven’t slept well or are feeling plain tired, it is likely that your concentration levels are going to drop and errors are bound to happen. When you take a beauty nap of quick fifteen minutes or a happy half hour your body recuperates the energy lost in running around or by doing excessive thinking. Once awake from your nap you will feel more refreshed, with better concentration sense and your mind will run faster and aid in making accurate decisions and taking actions.

2. Revitalise your mood and energy levels

Irritation, dizziness, anger, lack of listening prowess, can all result from lack of sleep temporarily or failure to pay attention can lead to long term damage and health issues. Just take a beauty nap daily and you will see a rise in both your mood and energy levels.

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3. Keeps you calm and stress free

A quick beauty nap stimulates hormones that relax your mind and body. You will start feeling less stressed and irritated on petty issues.

4. Prevents cardiovascular diseases

Tension and Stress are few reasons, people die young of sudden heart stroke or succumb to deathly heart diseases. Beauty nap helps you relieve stress and calms you at the same time.

Weight Loss

5. Aids in Weight Loss

If you sleep late or do not get yourself enough sleep, you are increasing your chances of putting on weight. Your body has not recuperated well or enough and is still tired if you deprive it of sleep. In such cases, you tend to binge more to make up for loss of energy. You also, crave more for sugar based foods. To regulate weight loss, make sure you are sleeping enough and right, at least 6-8 hours. Also, a beauty nap is essential if you have skipped any of your sleep which most of us do these days. Beauty nap is a way to make up for lost sleep but it is definitely not an alternative.

6. Boosts your memory

Replenishing your body with a fifteen minute nap will boost your memory. An alert mind tends to be more focused, attentive and also remembers details. You are better off taking a nap than drinking excess coffee to entice your brain to work more.

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7. Secret to youthful skin

If your skin is tired, it is likely to make you look dull. A beauty nap will revitalize your skin, aid cell generation which in turn will make you look revitalized, young and also curb your ageing process.

We replace the most important sleep hours that is 10pm to 2am with either work or TV. This time is when your body regenerates cells and recuperates maximum. If you miss out on getting enough sleep at night, it is mandatory you take your beauty nap. Do you have any say on beauty nap and sleeping habits? Do let us know in the comments section or through mail.

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