7 Interesting Uses of Deodorant You Will Love to Try

What does deodorant mean to you? Blocking sweats, killing body odor and staying fresh, right? Well, you can do a lot more with those nice aromatic stick or gel. Today, I’m going to share some rare yet interesting uses of deodorant with you and I’m sure that you are going to love those. Here are 7 unusual ways deodorant can help you:


1. Keep Blisters on Your Foot at Bay

Is your new pair of shoes giving you a tough time? Just keep a stick of deodorant handy and you are done. Whether you are putting on a platform pump or trying to get familiar with a pointy-toe stiletto, swiping the deodorant stick along the sides and the bottom of your feet before wearing it will help you prevent huge blisters. As it works as a blockade between your shoes and your feet, your flesh does not get taken off.

2. Stop Chafing and Irritation of Legs

There are lots of people who suffer from chafing of legs. It might be a result of excessive running or walking, which make the inner parts of our thighs collide together. You can make use of your gel deodorant to get rid of this situation. Just apply it around the area of inflammation and you will able to minimize the pain caused by chafing easily.

3. Get Dry and Stink-Free Feet

Do your socks smell horrible? The reason lying behind it might be your sweaty feet. If you want to make it absolutely odor-free, you have to minimize the sweating of your feet and keep it dry always. Application of a gel deodorant to the bottom of your feet at night can make you sweat-free as well as stink-free so that you do not need to worry about smelling bad the next day.

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4. Stay Away from Sticky Palms

Do your sweaty and sticky palms expose your nerves each time you shake hand with someone? The easiest way to avoid this problem is to use some clear deodorant on your hands. It will coat your palms nicely and absorb moisture from them, thereby making them clean and dry.

5. Drive Off Your Blemishes

You might not be blessed with a blemish-free flawless skin, but following this trick will certainly help you dry out those ugly pimples that keep spoiling your look now and then. Rub your deodorant on those facial eruptions before going to the bed and wake up with dried zits. Isn’t it going to save you when you are running out of a pimple cream?

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6. Avoid Infections under Breasts

A scorching day of summer, a sweaty workout session, a skin-tight underwire or sports bra and a bustier you – what is common between all of these? Infections!! Yes, you read it right. All these can cause sweating and chafing on that delicate area under your breasts and eventually lead to rashes, irritation and infections. Just cover the skin of that area with a gel deodorant and say ‘no’ to such situations. It really works!

7. Save Hairstyles from Moisture

Moisture and sweat can ruin your hairstyles completely. No matter how much time you spend in styling up your locks, you might end up finding your hair getting stuck to your neck or your forehead. A deodorant can become the savior for you in these circumstances. Next time you style up your hair, do not forget to apply it along your hairline in order to prevent such mess.

Do you know any other interesting use of deodorant? Do share with us.

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